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Any one hear of Clipp-Aid?

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    Thx groomerjanie...

    I too find the video quite confusing. Its mot clear wht the facts are. Go more weeks between sharpening? Never sharpen again... No more paying to get your blades sharpened...most groomers treat their bldes like ddisposables, wow. Im interested too, in the fact that you have to keep four sets of clippaid crystals for different sizes. My table salt fits all sizes. :P. i just wonder because the pouches look so identical, how groomers keep from. Accidentally using the wrong size crystal on occasion? You dont have to be a birdbrain to have an Oops moment.

    More importantly, what are the adverse effects of accidentally using the wrong size clippaid crystals on a blade?!

    Angela asks is it the same as the regular sharpening process? Uhm about the same yes, says Clippaid guy. I cant help but doubt this, based on Northern tails website on the complexities and variation of sharpening methods needed.

    I kind of wish clippaid would just do a billy mays (rip) style video because at least then i would be hyped up. I dont need a steak knife that cuts though a shoe, until billy mays convinces me, no, wait a minute that is awesome and i must have that asap !!!

    Of course, then you sometimes end up with this :


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      Ok so my groomer tried the clippaid and got just ok results. Is that what to expect, is she overexpecting?


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        Clipp-Aid contacted me and sent me a bunch of samples of their product to try our and evaluate in my grooming shop. We talked for a long time and discussed the product and how its made (without revealing any proprietary ingredients). They were very impressed that I was an industrial chemist for 30 years and understood what they were doing and how the manufacturing process was carried out. I worked in the grooming shop during the day, then worked second shift in the lab at the plant.

        One thing I want to make clear about the product. Its not going to sharpen your blades well enough where you can do without a sharpener, its only intent is to bring a dull blade back to life again so you can keep using it until you can get it professionally sharpened. Leaving it in the crystals for one minute may not work well for you, and you'll be discouraged with this fabulous product.

        One thing I noticed when I got the product is the instructions say to "Place the cutting point of the blade into the crystals" then "Move the blade through the crystals for 45 to 60 seconds". This tells me the product may not be used correctly by you, and you could get discouraged at the results. Clipp-Aid knows this as well and are changing the instructions.

        First off, you have to have the correct bag for the size blade you are going to sharpen. My experience is with salt, you have to push the blade into the salt (covering the cutter teeth) and let it sharpen until its looks like the salt is pulverized, then pick it out and push it into another part of the salt. You have to do the same thing with this product, its designed not to pulverize so fast. I assume this product is a form of concrete, that has been crushed, and sifted down to the correct size we need to sharpen blades with.

        Quick instructions. Get a dog to test your sharpness on. Its best to do it with a dog present so you can test for sharpness as your running your blade in the crystals. If it isn't sharp on the first try, you run it again in the crystals and try it on the dog again. We did the same thing using salt years ago.

        1.Get the bag and tip it on its side and get all the crystals to one side of the bag. You need the "depth" of the crystals. Now fold the bag in half, turn it right side up, and cut the top open.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20131129_120722_858.jpg
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        2. Get your clipper with the blade on it. Open the top of the package, and slide the folded part of the bag so the opening is large enough to get your blade into it. Hold the bag with one hand, and your clipper in the other.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20131129_120827_991.jpg
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        3. Make sure your blade is clean of hair or oil. Turn the clipper on and stick the blade into the crystals making sure the cutter teeth are below the surface of the crystals. Hold it there 5 seconds, pull it out of the crystals slightly and stick it back in. Do this 5 times. ( 5 seconds - 5 times ). You should see the crystals turning lighter in color as its pulverizing them. You can slightly shake the bag to mix up the crystals getting more good stuff to the surface. (I'm not holding the bag in the pix because I'm holding the camera, you get the idea)
        Click image for larger version

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        4. After doing the 5 second sharpening 5 times pull the blade out, lean the bag against something so it doesn't spill the crystals out, and get a toothbrush and brush the material off the teeth. Now try it on the dog you have standing by. If it cuts, your done, clean the blade off good and oil it. If it doesn't cut, go back to running it in the crystals 5 seconds - 5 times until the blade cuts again. You have to test it while your sharpening it. My blade took two tries to get it sharp.

        I sharpened two blades twice in a single bag of Clipp-Aid. Of course I was trained on salt, this gave me insight on how to use it. Salt works well, but it takes almost the whole container of salt to sharpen one blade. This is because as soon as you put the blade in the salt its instantly pulverized, but it sharpens a little bit before the salt becomes useless. That's why we had to keep putting it in, and taking it out to get an edge back on the blade so we could do a few more dogs. Clipp-Aid doesn't pulverize like salt does, it lasts a while before it pulverizes giving you time to sharpen a blade with such a small amount.

        Clipp-Aid is not salt, it is an inert compound which doesn't react with anything. I mixed it with every liquid in the shop looking for a reaction and got nothing. I even put it on a bad scrape that bled when a dog scratched me, and it didn't even burn like a salt based product would. It was nice to see the product was safe and non-reactive.
        Anyway, that's Clipp-Aid in a nutshell. The biggest problem with using it is not using it correctly. I know the instruction are kinda unclear, but if you can follow what I said about how to use it, you will be fine. Getting the cutter deep enough in the crystals, and bringing it in and out of the crystals is the key to using it.

        Have a great day grooming, and read those labels

        Jeff Andrews
        Northern Tails Sharpening, Inc
        Mobile, Alabama
        Groomer/Shop Owner
        [email protected]
        "You NOW Have A Better Choice"

        “A certified Sharkfin and 44/20 sharpening service”
        **We sell Diamond Carbide Nail Grinding Wheels**


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          I would love to hear from more people on their experiences with C Aid.


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            Hi everyone!

            Out of curiosity? Do you know why we don't see Clipp-Aid anywhere?

            Clipp-Aid website is close, I can only find a few bags on eBay or Amazon...

            Do you know if they closed the company? And if yes, for which reason?



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              They have been gone awhile.


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                Hi Hellyion,

                Do you have an idea why we can't find their product anymore?



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                  Originally posted by Vincent Renaud View Post
                  Hi Hellyion,

                  Do you have an idea why we can't find their product anymore?

                  They went out of business. It doesn't work.
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                    Sounds like they are out of business.