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How do I find a good local blade sharpener?

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  • How do I find a good local blade sharpener?

    I've worked with 2. The first one, I barely noticed a difference when he did my stuff, except it would be more oily...the second one there was a huge difference, but I moved and he doesn't come to my area anymore...Where do you look for someone, and how do you know they are good BEFORE they touch your stuff? Also, for those of you who send yours out, how long does it take for you to get it back? I can't go long without my stuff cause I only have 2 good shears.

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    look for posts about the blade guyz here.

    If I ever try a new sharperner I only give them one or two older blades that if they reck them its not so bad. I never understood sending 10-20 blades to a unknown sharperner.


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      You pay good money

      for your equipment. Use people who REALLY know what they're doing.

      Try our blade guyz. I've used Tim @ Loves Sharpening. He's da bomb!
      I used a local yocal. Won't make that mistake again.

      Think of it this way. Sure it took a week or so to get my stuff back. (I send it priority mail both ways) But when the local ruined my scissors they sat in the "Do not use box" for months. (Luckily I do have back ups.) Tim re-did my ruined scissors BTW too. They work now. He is full of excellent info too.

      Nothing but good things to say about his work. I won't use anyone else.