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    I work at PetSomething just outside Raleigh NC. Got a call on Monday night from a "local" sharpener. They just moved here from SC. He has 20 plus years experience sharpening blades, shears, etc. Groomers and hairstylists alike, etc etc etc...all the right buzz words. Will do the work on site. Have them right back to you good as new on your lunch break. So I made sure I even got a lunch break that day. Gave them 14 blades. (This cost me $80!!) I now have 6 working blades out of 16. (i held back 2 that didn't need to be sharpened) Not only did they NOT sharpen my blades, they ruined them. I now cannot even use them and am having to send them off for repair.

    Edited: No you cannot name a business on a public board like this and put us into a legal suit. Spreading the name by PM is also not allowed, so please do not do that.

    By the way, the phone number that I called after they left...wrong number. Some old guy saying he had nooo idea what I was talking about. They were supposed to come back the next day for another groomers show. If you get this phone not let them touch your blades!!!!

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    Any time a New sharperner comes around I only give them one maybe two blade or a backup pair of shears untill and let them prove their workmanship to me. We had a new guy stop by my old MN shop and he was Great. He took a couple of my #7s that i had written off and got them working. Sorry this happened.


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      Corgimom, so sorry that you've been taken on your sharpening. I send my blades out since my local guy moved.


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        That is terrible. It happened to me with a sharpener I have used since 92 out of MN. I sent him something like 44 blades, got back four working. Resubmitted them, got back 20 working. Then I decide ok, no more blades (but he used to do a great job on shears). Sent him my curve, came back with the same nick. I think it changed ownership, but what a drag!!


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          I think I know who you're referring to and he did the same thing to me about 6 years ago. Now I only use Tim Love except for my Geibs LOVE YA TIM!!!!!


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            Oh I might have to try him!!


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              You need to go to the blade guyz website (Scroll down to your left). Jeff or Tim can fix you up REAL GOOD! I dropped my curved shears TWICE and they're still tarp as a shack!

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate