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Does wet hair dull blades?

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  • Does wet hair dull blades?

    I had someone tell me once that wet dog hair would dull the blades extra fast, but I have also seen a few people here say they do it a lot. Does it dull the blades or scissors?

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    No, but dirty hair will dull them VERY quickly.

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      What dulls the blades or scissors is the dirt in the coat. If you go through matts dry or wet they will have who knows what in them and this is what will dull a tool faster than anything. Wet hair itself will not dull a tool, but if you don't clean, dry and oil your blade as soon as you are done using the tool this when it can rust the tool. Most hair stylist I know cut only wet hair and their shears blades last several months, but human hair is not as dirty as animal hair.

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        Ditto what Spikey said, with one additional comment. You must dry and oil them after use, or they might rust.

        If you have any doubts, ask your own hair stylist if cutting wet hair dulls scissors. They cut a lot of wet hair.


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          wet hair dulls blades

          yes wet hair does dull blades faster


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            I sure hope not. Every once in a while I will give my blades a good cleaning with water.
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              well, I wet shave a lot & only have to get my blades sharpened about once a year, if that... Id say that speaks for itself


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                I do ALOT of wet shaving, I haven't noticed that my blades got duller quicker than normal.


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                  I think it does. But I've only done a handfull of wetshaves, so I'm no expert here. I just noticed my blades drag more and I have to wash them really good. They don't seem to be sharp though afterwards.