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10" curved scissors that keep springing??

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  • 10" curved scissors that keep springing??

    We just got out 10" curved scissors sharpened, and they've already sprung! They haven't been dropped, it seems a few uses and they decide to quit on us. Any ideas as to why this might be?? Granted, I think they're atleast 13 or 14 years old, could that be why or is it something else?

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    Don't know what you mean

    I don't know what "sprung" means, but not working after sharpening sounds like an adjustment that needs to be made.

    Age should not matter if they are good scissors. My Geib Katanas are over 20 years old, and are in fabulous shape and working condition (unlike ME!!!)


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      Who made them? That can make a huge difference.

      Curved scissors start out as straight blanks. Then the manufacturer shapes, assembles, and sharpens them, The metal has a tendency to want to go back to being straight, and how the manufacturer tempered them can make a huge difference.

      I've also known curved scissors (the less expensive ones) to "spring" if you hit something hard in the coat, like a toe nail. And using them on a dirty coat will make dead spots in the blade.

      It could also be a problem with the sharpener. Some are better than others. I'd try a different sharpener, an would recommend either Northern Tails or Loves. Both do great work, and if there's something wrong with the scissors, they'll tell you up front.


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        Ah, thank you Helly! I'll get the make and tempering tomorrow at work and post it. I don't think those two sharpeners are in London,ON though..Hmm. We'll have to check ♥

        Thanks so much, it's greatly appreciated.


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          Both those are US sharpeners that post on here regularly. You can mail stuff to them, but it might be expensive to do internationally. I know there are other canadian groomers on here, maybe they can recommend a good canadian sharpener


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            If they are that old I'm assuming they are a bevel edge design, rather than convex. How much metal has been ground off the scissor after all these years? What part of the blade is not cutting? Is the tension adjusted properly?


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              Oops, I didn't notice you were in Canada. Sorry.