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How to prevent/clean for lice?

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  • How to prevent/clean for lice?

    My resort's owner contacted me a few days ago with concerns of an apparent "outbreak" of pet (specifically dog) lice near my city; with worries of it becoming an issue at our facility. Apparently there is quite a few cases of lice nearby, and she wants me to find out the best methods of preventing the spread of lice, just in case a pet with it happens to hit my grooming room/table.

    1. - What would you recommend for cleaning tools (clipper blades/shears/combs/brushes) between dogs? Is there anything out there that is designed to kill Lice specifically? I've seen alot of Viruscidals, Fug, etc. But I need to make sure it will effectively kill lice/eggs if necessary.

    2. - Is there anything "special" that should be done to the overall grooming room & equipment (tables/tubs/floors), besides the usual wipedown of tables & tubs, and using a good cleaner (we use HDQ Neutral/Consume Ecolyzer/[email protected]%)

    3. - Are there any out of the ordinary places/methods which i should be cleaning that i normally wouldnt notice etc?

    Thanks for all your input.

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    Clean as usual using a quality disinfectant. Did tools used on animals into a good dip solution.

    On animals I have used a tea tree oil with good results.