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  • Easy Fix??

    I bought Fromm Premier III Series Curved Shears 6 1/2" a few months ago, never took them out of the package until a week ago since i was waiting for my others to get dull...But the screw on the scissors does not stay in?? I have never dropped them or anything so i know i didn't break them!
    It's to late to return them since this was several months ago (should of tested them out first)
    is there a way to fix this?
    As i cut the screw loosens..if that makes sense..thanks

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    Have you called the manufacturer and explained the problem? It wouldn't hurt to try and they might at least send you a new screw.
    If you can't get a new screw or don't want to wait, get some teflon pipe thread tape used for plumbing. Remove the screw, cut a thin strip of the tape, wrap it around the screw, and then put the scissor back together. You only need 1 1/2 to 2 wraps with the tape. Be careful not to loose the screw or the washers that are under the screw.

    Hint - When small screws gets dropped on a table they immediately try to jump on the floor and hide from you. Work over a towel folded in half. Screws don't get near as upset when dropped on a nice soft towel.


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      haha, check out a very apt thread just resurrected today!