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Repaired Laube revving up and down

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  • Repaired Laube revving up and down

    I have had this mini micro for about three years, previously the lady had it for 3 or more years. It has NEVER been tuned up or fixed. A few months ago it started not to cut properly so I ordered a tune up kit and tried to tune it up myself using the Northern Tails videos and information. Great info, did everything properly I thought. Didn't work, got a handy friend of mine to re-do the tune up for me and still wouldn't work properly. Sent it to a sharpener/repair(well known & quality work) to tune it up.. send the originial pieces with it. They said they changed the hinge and tuned it up but ended up using the old parts as they seemed to work better. Got the clipper back, worked GREAT for about a week, then started revving up and down when clipping through light coats with a 7.. typically shouldn't have been a problem. I called the sharpener and asked him what he thought and he seemed at a loss as to what to do. He said they never touched the motor so it may have just happened on its own.

    So what should I do? Should I send it to Laube? I'd rather not because of the distance(Nova Scotia-California). I have two other clippers as back up so I don't really need it but it's by far my favourite clipper - goes through anything and is light and easy on my hands. I also have a new KM2 and a 3 year old 2 speed Andis that just had the cord replaced.

    My laube speed feed is 3 years old and has been dropped, kicked off tables, etc and has now stopped working. It's been really loud for about 1.5 years. Always worked until today.. red light comes on but nothing happens. Tried both batters and nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

    Thanks for any information!
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