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I feel like a moron. Need help figuring out what kind of shears I have.

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  • I feel like a moron. Need help figuring out what kind of shears I have.

    Ok, I'm debating sending my shears off to get sharpened. I don't much care for the sharpening job that is done by a semi-local guy that does the sharpening for the other girls in the grooming salon. I sent a pair of shears to them that I had dropped and had a little ding in them. They were plenty sharp, I just couldn't stand the little ding. They sharpened the shears and did nothing about the ding! They charge an arm and a leg as well. Something like $15 a pair of shears. Ouch. That's a lot of money for a job that isn't done properly.

    Fast forward a few months and it's time for me to get some of my shears sharpened again. My blades (except my poor #40, which I abuse) are doing great. My shears have been kicked around a few times, despite my best efforts. Some days of grooming seem more like I'm at a rodeo instead of a grooming salon. Anyway, long story short, I'm considering sending my shears away to be sharpened. I'm thinking of trying Northern Tails, but I don't know what to checkmark for my shears! I tried looking at them and I can't tell if they're convex or if I have corrugated edges. I'll list off the shears I need to send and perhaps someone can help me.

    Roseline 6 1/2 curved blunt tipped shears
    Roseline "88" Filipino Style 8 1/4 inch straight shears
    Roseline 6 1/2 inch 46 tooth blending shears
    Roseline 6 1/2 inch thin blade straight shears

    The girls are taking their shears in next week and have offered to take mine with them. I like the quick turn-around, but hesitate to send them back to someone who did a shoddy job and was a bit snotty with me. I don't mean to sound difficult, but when I get my equipment taken care of, I want it to actually be taken care of! Hopefully someone can tell me what kind of shears I have (convex, etc) so I can send them out before the weekend. I want to cry every time I take my blunt tipped curves out because they're bending the hair and just don't feel right! I still send curses towards the dog that knocked those down and dinged them.

    Anywho, sorry for the book. Help, please?

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    I would totally send them to northern tails. Really its not that bad of a turnaround time for MUCH better quality work. As for type you don't have convex shears they are the "other" type. LOL I can't remember what its listed as. They are the not convex type. Good luck.


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      You can be confident in the quality of the work from Northern Tails and in the honesty! You should call before you send anything and explain the situation as well as which shears you will send, Jeff will help you with all of the details!

      Maybe you can figure out a way to keep your shears in a better place during the day so you won't have so much damage. It is hard at first to look at the way we move around during our routine of grooming, but we need to pay more attention to ourselves. All of these accidental drops to our equiptment is really costly after awhile. You will find you eventually have a big collection of "ribbon" shears if you aren't more careful!



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        Thanks for the opinions, guys! I am working on setting my shears on my cabinet more often. They tend to get knocked down when I set them down to rub shih tzu noses when they freak out for their faces. It really frustrates me, though, when I do set my shears safely on my cabinet and a big dog on my table wags his tail and sweeps everything off. So irritating! I can go forever without a single drop, then in one week have fumble-fingers or overly rambunctious dogs and ruin all that carefulness! Another thing I'm going to do to help out is to designate a pair of cheap shears as my "foot shears." I've been using my beloved blunt tipped curves to trim around feet and I know hitting the toenails is part of what dulled them so fast. I have a pair of 4 1/2 inch curved blunt tipped shears that I bought for feet, but I just keep forgetting to use them! Bad, bad me!