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  • geib sharpening question

    I live in orlando-actually casselberrry but I was curious if I could "take " my shears to geibs to have them sharpened or Do I have to send them in?

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    You have to send the shears to them. I've asked about picking my shears up (when I knew I'd be in Orlando) but I was told they'd have to be sent back to me.



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      oh bummer.
      oh well If I am just going to send them out I might as well send them to someone who comes with recomendations. thank you.


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        Love's Sharpening did a fantastic job on my geibs-quick turn around too.
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          Love's Sharpening

          Originally posted by KarlaSnyder View Post
          Love's Sharpening did a fantastic job on my geibs-quick turn around too.
          What is Love's Sharpening? Are their prices comparable to Geib's? I was a little shocked at Geib's return postage prices!

          Stephen: You can look up companies at and on the main page of the message board in the right column Love's has a banner button to their web site.


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            Anybody can sharpen those Geib shears including me. Geib Charges $20+, we charge $10 for full convex and $4 for bevelled. The warranty only covers workmanship, not sharpening or holding an edge. If by chance the blade of those shears would mysterisouly break in half, workmanship would be an issue. That wont happen, its just something to get you to send the shears to Orlando to get sharpened for an outragious charge.
            One of my customers sent in a pair of thinners to Geib because she dropped them and the blade with the teeth broke in half, how many can say they've ever had that happen? He wouldnt honor the warranty and said it was her fault because she dropped them, who doesnt drop shears? So, how good is that warranty?

            So if warranty is holding you back from having a local sharpener sharpen them, I wouldnt worry about it. I get Geib shears in everyday to sharpen, and have fixed many pairs that other sharpeners tried to sharpen.

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              West Coast Sharpener

              Can anyone recommend a good sharpener on the West Coast. I live in NV and have been sending my shears back to Geib (they did a way better job than our local guy) They stayed sharp for 6 mo vs not very long.

              If I don't have to pay outrageous shipping/sharpening charges I don't want to.....



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                Loves prices are fair

                The turn around I think is good, and with the price being good why not ask to have them sent to and from next day air? They arrive back in very secure boxes too. I must send mine( two pairs ) asap. I paid $20 ea with a gal who does mostly hair salon scissors and they were done very poorly. OMG, when she went to hand them back to me in the parking lot of Wal greens where we met, she dropped them on the ground right in front of me! They were just naked, not even in a box. Then I had to wait til that following Monday to get them back. Neither cut well for long and now they rub. I am confidant Tim can fix them. He is in M I S S I S S I P P I. I think he mails them Fed X.