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  • Wahl or Laube Blades

    Ok we have both. My wife likes the wahl I am leaning toward the laube.

    First the Laube has a rockwell of in the 90's that is damn hard. Not sure where the wahls fall in relation but I would guess somewhere in the 60 range.

    Also I noticed on the Laube blades each tooth is recessed along the cutting area, I assume to make them run cooler.

    Any other differences I am overlooking?

    I know there are alot of wahl fans out there but I want some reasons why. I think the Laube blades have more benefits and are a higher quality blade. JMO.

    I wanna here from the blade guyz also on this one.


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    First on the Rockwell. It depends on the Rockwell scale being used and what part are they measuring. A Rockwell of 90+ would mean diamond would have to be used for sharpening and the blades would also be more brittle. When I first saw this on laube blades I contacted them and was told it was the coating on it blade that gave the higher rockwell, so basically clipper blades all are close in the rockwell scale.

    Now for cutting performance. On our website is the chart for the cut length of various blades and when you look at it not all blades cut the same length when new or as they get sharpened and wear down. New Laube cutter blades have more teeth so this gives you a smoother cut and the comb teeth are not as blunt and are spaced a little more to allow hair to get in them better as compared to other brands. Wahl blades are very comparable to Laube and I think this is because laube and Wahl were once partners not to long ago. So it really comes down to personal preference, both are good blades.

    I have several new number 30 blades from this time that I bought from Laube that don't even have the Laube or Wahl name on them that I am going to sell, especailly to the steel comb users, at a really good price. Will post how many I have of them next week and you can contact me for the price if you are interested.

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      6 of one, half dozen of the other. I like both.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate