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  • Need Help dealing with sharpener

    Six months ago I got my thinning shears and my only pair of japanese shears sharpened. They were both unusable after getting them back. Just did'nt cut hair and my japanese shears wich were the smoothest nicest shears I had ever used and my most expensive pair of scissors were just nowhere near the same.

    I've sent them back, they supposedly fixed them and this has gone on at least 2 times and now they want me to do it a third time. I've finally settled on my thinners being okay after this last time but my japanese shears break my heart. They were the easiest on my hands and now after minutes they make my wrists burn and I thought they were sharp but they are'nt very smooth anymore. My backup pair that cost 1/3 of what these did are far nicer to use now. So I have 2 questions:

    How do I handle this sharperner who seems to only want me to keep sending them back when I'm convinced they are ruined?

    What do I do about replacing them? I had my friend pick them up at a show awhile back and have no idea what brand they are but definitely want something comparable and that fit my hand so nicely. They cost somewhere around $200- $250. I'm not familiar with whats out there and dont even know how to go about replacing them if I cant get the same thing.

    I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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    Try someone else or find out who the scissors are made by and see if you can send them to the manufacturer they should be able to tell you if they can be repaired. Jeff at Northern Tails is great I sent him a pair of finishing shears and he was very honest with me in that they had a chip and he wasn't sure if they were fixed and recommended contacting the manufacturer. So don't just toss them until you know for sure that they're junk.

    Good Luck
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      Sharpening nightmares

      I agree with what you've already heard; check the shears to see who made them and contact the company. Many have their own sharpeners on staff (often they only warranty the shears if they are serviced by the companies' approved sharpeners.)

      Jeff at Nothern Tails is wonderful to deal with, you won't be disappointed in his work or professional comments. He will tell you what the situation is and help you anyway possible.

      We need our shears to be useful not trashy, especially when we spend alot of $$ for them. I (and many others) have had shears ruined by local (convenient) sharpeners.

      good luck,


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        Send them to Jeff @ Northern Tails. You might be surprised.
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          Thanks for the replies so far. I will definitely try Northern Tails if I dont get anywhere with this place. I was wondering how people might handle this company though, should I expect reimbursement or replacement if they cant fix them? I really cant afford to take the loss and initially when I told this place I just want to see if I can get them fixed somewhere else they told me to send them back to them and if they cant get them to work as good or better than they were, then they would reimburse me or replace them with something equal. Now they are just saying I dont know what we can do but send them back again and we'll see if we can fix them. This will be the fourth time they've had them.


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            Dont send those shears back to those folks anymore, its obvious they don't know what they are dealing with. If they keep resharpening them there wont be much left and I wont be able to get the convex edge back on it again. Putting the wrong edge on a shear can make a $200 pair of shears cut like a $20 pair

            Send them to me and Ill see whats wrong and Ill call you. Ive fixed alot of screwups from other sharpeners mainly because they dont know what they have in their hand. You can bet any sharpener on this board will do a good job because we have the whole world looking at our work. Try to calm down about them if you can and lets see what we're dealing with before writing them off, this could be a simple fix.

            Hope this helps, call or email me.

            Jeff Andrews
            Northern Tails Sharpening
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            New Orleans, Louisiana

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              Originally posted by Rub-a-dub View Post
              Thanks for the replies so far. I will definitely try Northern Tails if I dont get anywhere with this place.
              One definition of insanity: Repeating the same actions, and expecting a different results.

              You've already gotten nowhere with these people. To keep sending them back is, sorry to say, insane. Cut your losses, and send them to Jeff. If they can be repaired, he's the man to do it!
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                I am currently dealing with a local sharpener who returned 2 blades un-sharp, and broke 2 teeth off of my 40 blade and returned to me dull, 2 of the 7 shears that I sent her. She returned my check along with a rude and unprofessional, wise ass note when I brought the 2 #10 blades to her attention, but I just took out my #40 blade yesterday as I needed to rotate, and found the teeth broken off in the bag. The one pair of shears she returned can be resharpened, I think they'll be alright, but the others will not ever be he same. So, after her not accepting my payment for the sharpening bill, she still owes me flat out for the 40 blade and the $80 shears. I am ticked about it, and that's only $110 that I am out,,if I were you, I would be HOT. You might try sending a certified letter stating that you want the shears replaced with the exact same model. If you didn't sign a service agreement before giving them in for service, then neither of you are truly legally safe if you decide to pursue, but I wouldn't let it go without a fight--good shears are too hard to find. Sorry for your loss.
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                  they might need to be re-calibrated. All the new shears I have bought are so very sharp, but the screws that keep them calibrated properly wont stay, and I thought they were dull. Once I re-calibrated them they cut like a dream. to test them, balance them on your fingers like you are going to cut, let go of the one and let it swing down, swing it back up without touching it, it should close nearly all the way, save about a half inch or close. That is a calibrated scissor. If they slam shut they are too loose, if the dont close more than halfway they are too tight. neither will cut hair the right way even if they are sharp. And if you have the same problem as me, keeping them calibrated (this usually happens with the hand adjustable ones versus the ones you have to adjust with a screw driver) then, undo the screw, put some plumbers take around the threads and replace it, it should hold better.

                  I love this site, I learned that trick from here!

                  good luck!