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How often do you have your clipper blades done?

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  • How often do you have your clipper blades done?

    Wondering what the average time is on a clipper blade to between sharpening. I realize this depends on how many hours a day that blade is used and if the dog is clean or dirty. Just curious to know on average how often you might get yours done?

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    I think it also depends on how may blades you have, but on average, my blades last about 6 or 7 months. longer blades last longer. SpeedFeed blades about a month, but I use the heck out of them!
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      not as often as I'd like, so hard to get a good sharpener. Some of my longer 'clean dog only' blades last a year. shorter take down blades every month or 4. like I said hard to find a sharpener. My Laube blades last a lot longer than my andis, those things don't even seem sharp coming out of the box. I usually dull up 3 pairs of shears between blade sharpenings.


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        The last time I had my blades sharpened was 15 months ago. But I NEVER clip dirty hair. I have only Wahl blades, with the exception of my 5/8" toe blade, which is an Oster. I don't think that ones ever been's been 6 years since I bought it. But all I use it for is to scoop out the stop and corners of the eyes on Shih Tzus and similar dogs.


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          it varies for everyone, but I know for sure that the better job you are able to do keeping them clean the longer it takes for them to dull.


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            My blades used to only last a few months before they needed to be sharpened. Since taking the advice of the blade experts on this board I haven't had my blades sharpened in over a year and they are still going strong. I don't use any coolant anymore, I clean and oil my blades between EACH dog and I very rarely clip dirty hair. If the dog is a matted mess I wet clip instead. I also learned that very often, it wasn't my blades that needed to be sharpened but rather my blade drive that needed to be changed out. Keeping a good working blade drive in your clippers can make a world of difference!
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