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  • Wahl Tidbit Question

    I have been using my tidbit for a long time with its original blade. It got to the point that it just wouldn't cut so I bought a new blade, 30 fine tooth. I noticed after changing the blade it didn't make any differnce. Something has changed and I'm not sure why its not cutting like it use to. Has anyone else run into this or know what the issue might be?

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    Could it be the motor? Is it running slow? I don't know how long those last. You might want to upgrade to a Mini Moser. It's a great little tool, very similar to the Tidbit. It charges so you can use it cordless and it has a cord too. I've had mine for years and it's still going strong.


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      It dose sound like it could be dying....or you COULD have gotten a dull blade right out of the pack.

      They DO make a Cordless TidBit now. Saw it at Sally's! Was REALLY TEMPTED! LOL
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        The motor still rpm's like it should. I just put it up for now I'm going to take a closer look at it when I get time. Do they have a blade drive like the larger clippers? Possibly its worn or broken.


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          um the arm that holds the blade on or moves the blade might be worn, they are suppose to be changed yearly, if you put a blade on if its worn it wont work. Also new blades should be cleaned and oil before use.


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            Originally posted by ashababe2002 View Post
            Also new blades should be cleaned and oil before use.
            If you didn't do that, it could very well be the problem. Blades have a rust inhibitor applied for storage and shipment, and you have to remove it or they'll gum up and not cut worth a darn.

            When you turn the clipper on with no blade, then put a blade on and turn it on, does the motor sound significantly different? If it's racing like a thoroughbred with no blade, and plodding along like a Clydesdale with a blade, it's probably a problem with the motor.