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You just Gotta Try the Blade Guyz

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  • You just Gotta Try the Blade Guyz

    Tim Love from the Blade Guyz reconditioned my shears and they work wonders again. They were left for dead by a not so sharp guy who claimed to be a local sharpener.

    So after my weaping and whining, Tim had offered to just take a look at them and see what he could do. (he was my knight in shining armor with a honing wheel lol) Geib didn't even really want to mess with them at all. So I thought they were just trash at this point.

    I was astounded when I received my sharpened shears and blades back today. WOW, everything was cutting so nicely and I've been following all the suggestions for cleaning out the blades between use. I've never had such smooth clipping days like today.

    Ever since I watched the videos on their website on how to properly clean blades and shears, plus the maintenance needed for your clippers, I have been clipping so much happier now.

    Tim was so nice to even take a look at my ruined Geib shears, but he saved them, and they are like new again. Also, Tim contacted me and actually communicated in the English Language of grooming.

    Tim, YOU HAD ME AT HELLO!!! lol

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    I just sent my blades to Jeff of the blade guys. What a nice guy! He even called to see how the blades were working out for me. I have never had anyone do that. It is very hard to find a good sharpener. I have tryed a lot of them and none compared to the blade guys. They are good,cheap,and fast.

    Thanks Blade guys


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      They are both great, just fantastic, I can't say enough positive about them.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        I used my Mars Thinners today and felt like I as using a whole different shear. They have never cut that well before, even when they were new.

        My other shears were Heritage's, and they cut like slicing warm butter down.

        Also, Tim did email me directly to know they received them, sharpened them, and were shipping them out already. That was so appreciated

        Thanks Tim!!!


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          I am looking to purchase some new shears. I'm looking at Geibs What are some of your suggestions on these models and other brands. I'm looking for 8 to 10 inch in straight and curved.


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            Well, I think for now those Geib convex is my last pair. I want to further look into Heritage. I seem to like the one's I have.


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              Question for Crystal

              Hey, I was wondering where you were located to see if I was close enough to use the "blade guyz". I also have some Heritage scissors, if you have ever tried paw brothers scissors they are EXACTLY the same. If you have never used that brand either, they are heaver than roselines but they are a sturdy scissor without being to heavy. I like them you might too.


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                Please try them I like them and I am really picky


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                  My hubby sharpens my blades and I've learned to sharpen shears It's great always having sharp "stuff", but I DO catch grief from him because I don't maintain them like I should.

                  I've never taken a chance to thank Tim for the advice he gave me some time back about Bob at Nebraska.

                  SOOOOOOO, thanks Tim