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    It was not good. I was stuck in an out of the way location. I only booked 5 appts. Today was better. A lady that was showing her dog there had an emergency and needed a groom. I drew a crowd grooming her pee covered dog. Lots of cards where taken then. I did not want to groom all weekend becuase I figured there would be no one to talk to people, but it worked this morning. I was kind of peeved though. The lady asked what she owed me and I said nothing being a nice person though maybe she would just shove some $ my way, nope. She said thanks and off she went never saw her again. I took Tobler with me and she helped draw a lot of people in too. I should have charged people to pet her that way I could have at least made my money back lol. Pet my dog for $1.
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    I'm sure you'll get a good turnout from your grooming demo.
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