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Dryer and CV maintenance

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  • Dryer and CV maintenance

    What do you have to do routinely to these? I have a K9-III, and a CV. I think I have to change things on them, but I"m not sure what, or how often.
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    I don't think that my boss maintains ours till it breaks! lol

    I do know it's important to keep the filter clean, but other than that, I'm curious to know!
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      I didn't know CVs had regular maintnance routines....hmmmm.


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        I thought you had to replace that orange filtery thing once a year? Maybe I'm wrong? And the dryers there's something you've got to change, brushes, or filters or something!!! I just am scared mine is going to die someday in the middle of some great pyr or something.
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          Brushes should be changed every 6 months to help aviod problems.

          Not sure about CV.



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            If you have a CV with brushes you have to change them. Look at there are instructions on there.


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              CV maintenance

              Hi Erin,
              I used to always keep a set of brushes for the CV. It is hard to be used to it and when it goes down due to needing new brushes, it is expensive to overnight them so buy a pair now. If you have never changed any, on their website, they have a great 'how to' video. Change the filter once in a while and take it off and I use a coarse comb to comb out the hair.


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                How often you change the brushes also depends on the quality of the brush. Some are very soft and will wear out in a month or two. The BIGGEST thing that you need to do is blow out all of the old carbon dust in the motor. You will be surprised at how much is in it. Do it outside if you can and with the wind blowing away from you!! If you don't you will look like a coal miner LOL!!

                The reasons for the cleaning is 1) it will keep the motor running better and the air flowing thru it 2) you will not have to worry about turning a white dog into a black one when all that dust decides to come out when you least expect it.

                Oster clippers also need to be cleaned out between brush changes to avoid the same problems.

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