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Laube "Speed Feed" Repair Issues

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  • Laube "Speed Feed" Repair Issues

    I have a Laube Speed Feed Trimmer that one of my coworkers just passed down to me because she was tired of trying to figure out how/where to get it fixed. She just bought a new one which she let me try out and I LOVE having a light, cordless clipper at my disposal. :-)

    She bought it in '05, didn't replace any parts except the blade. It runs, but it doesn't cut hair even with a new blade, so I'm assuming it's a drive/motor problem. (I have no clue, really, just speculating).

    If anyone has one of these trimmers, can you tell me if you've had similar problems or know where I can go to get it repaired? Our sharpening guy took a look at it and couldn't fix it, so if anyone knows where I should take it/send it, please let me know (I live in Maryland, so anywhere local?)

    Thanks a bunch!

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    yup, I have a couple like that,, of course I run mine into the ground.. there not made for heavy duty use so I generally figgure on them lasting about a year as hard as I use them (everything! even OES clip downs )
    I just buy a new handpeice (Tim at Loves Sharpening)


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      I think that they have a warranty? I would check the paperwork that came with the package. I use mine a lot and have changed blades about 6 times.
      Mine still run like a trooper. I have had mine since 2004.


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        The handpiece has a 5 year warranty on them. Laube does all the warranty work here in the states, overseas there are dealers who do it since shipping is so high back to the states. There are NO parts for these clippers and fixing them is easy, send them to Laube and they give you a new handpiece.

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