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Laube Blades working fine

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  • Laube Blades working fine

    I own mystery blades. Sometimes they cut beautifully. 7F cute Schnauzer Fri.#10 tummy. Risked #40 cuz wasn't working....go it does. Yes I oil.That crazy poodle fur last Sun would not cut.It is almost as tho some freeky power keeps me from doing a job I would be better off not knowing. I had no problem w/ Max on Sat. pretrim 5-6 weeks ago..before bath. cut perfectly. Due to loss of kaiser, she gave me extra for Max....nice of her. I thanked her for opportunity to know, love and care for her dogs...she was teary the entire visit. Lost 30lbs!

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    Could it have anything to do with your clippers? The blade drive maybe? blades not adjusted correctly?
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.