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Clippers clog with hair

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  • Clippers clog with hair

    My #7 blade get hair stuck between the actual blade and the guide. When this happens it quits cutting and I have to stop, remove the blade, slide it to one side, clean out the hair then slide it to the other side and clean out the hair. This is very aggravating as I cannot clip a dog completely without cleaning this out SEVERAL times. Has anyone every had this problem and if so what did you do about it? Thanks!

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    Thats not suposed to happen. You have to look very close at the blade guide maybe even take it off to see if it is cracked or split.The guide is the plastic peice.Also look to see that the spring is evenly set so there is not more preasure on one side then the other leaving one side with room for hair to get in.Then there is the oil issue,are you using too much and the hair actually getting stuck to the oil untill there is so much of it it gets under the guide.
    If it is just this one blade then I would look at it and compare it to another 7 blade that works well to see if there is something different you can pick out right away. Those plastic guides are hard to put back sometimes I give them a really tiny dab of nexaband to hold them in place on the spring.Very tiny dab.Dont glue yourself to the blade.


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        It sounds like the hinge (I believe that is the piece I'm thinking of), is too loose. It needs to have more pressure so that hair can't FIT under the guide.

        Definitely have that blade looked at.

        Tammy in Utah
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          The part you are thinking of is the tension spring on the blade. If loose it can cause this problem too.

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            Yeah, that's it, Tim! That's what puts pressure on the cutter and the guide, right? If it's too loose, hair can get in between and cause problems.

            Send your blade in to Tim or Jeff (The Blade Guyz), you'll be happy you did.

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate