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Northern Tails Sharpening

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  • Northern Tails Sharpening

    We are now service centers for the Heiniger Saphir/Opal, Oster Volt, Wahl KM's, and Artero HIT clippers. We have also added Artero products to our sales website, you can buy off the website or they can go back with your sharpening. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU CAN.

    You get your stuff back 7 to 12 days after you mail it off, and we sanitize everything we ship back. Be sure to ask us to insure your box for the return trip, and for how much, we don't automatically insure your box. Insurance for return shipping is not part of the free return shipping deal, it will be added to your invoice.

    Veteran owned and operated since 1995, we only sharpen grooming equipment, no hair salons, barber shops, knives, or saw blades. We are one of the largest mail-in sharpening services for groomers only in the USA.

    We sharpen D series and 5-N-1 blades that cut every time, and we've been sharpening them since 1998. We have all the parts for them, and offer to replace any plastic parts that are broken as part of the sharpening price. We do clipper repair as well, Andis, Wahl, Bucchelli, Heiniger Saphir & Opal, Artero HIT, and Oster Volt. all Bucchelli D Series clippers. See website for further details.

    We also own and work in our high volume grooming shop and have been grooming 39 years ourselves, we know how your stuff is suppose to cut AFTER its sharpened. We test everything on hair, not toilet paper. We can answer any and all questions about your equipment if you’re having problems, and most everything about grooming.

    Call for more info 479-498-2367. Address and mail-in sheet are on the website, click on the link below.

    Our YouTube page with videos on equipment care and "how to" videos on your clipper maintenance (free)
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