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A big nick in my shears

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  • A big nick in my shears

    I got my Talyn shears back from the sharpener and he said there was a big nick in them. Now they cut fine but it looks like there is a lot of metal missing from them. My sharpener says he using honing not grinding, but with this much metal gone, I am wondering what is really going on?

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      depending on how bad the nick was it is possible to have to take off up to 1/8 of an inch in total. Now lets look at what you are seeing. Does the edge have a bevel to it and if so is it wider than before? He might of made a steeper angle for a keener edge which would take away more metal and make your eye notice the wider bevel. Best thing to do is ask him to explain what he did and you are seeing. It is like when you have to shorten the tips on a scissor because they have become too thin (usually on those blunt tips) you can show the person what you have to do, but even taking off 1/8 of an inch makes it look a foot shorter to them. LOL

      Talk to your sharpener, especially if they are doing good work for you. Your feedback helps them do a better job for you and others.

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