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WAHL clipper repairs.... info I was told.

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  • WAHL clipper repairs.... info I was told.

    I think this should me posted somewhere else although I want to share this info I was told yesterday for Wahl product users.

    I sent an almost new clipper to one of Wahl's repair service centers (Easton, PA, closes to me) listed on the paperwork inside the box. I'll spare the details to say it's been there for a little over 3 weeks and getting nowhere with there help so I called Wahl directly in Sterling, IL.

    They no longer do business with the service center in Easton, PA. It is listed on the paperwork in the box but do not send your clippers there. I didn't ask why...I can only imagine.

    The lady also told me that if we return clippers to be repaired directly to them in Sterling, IL instead of one of the master service centers; they have a 48 hrs turn around time. If they have to order parts or other issues that will take longer then 48 hours, they will mail you a brand new clipper.

    She was mailing me a brand new clipper yesterday and they will take care of getting the one I sent to Easton, PA. That is awesome customer service!


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    Wahl does have great customer service and usually stand behind what they sell.
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      Wonder if anyone from any other clipper manufacturer is reading this!!!


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        sent my bravura in to be repaird after 3 years all they asked for was a small charge for repair .that was fine with me. today got back brand new bravure in box wow after 3 years what more could you ask for.


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          I know this is an old thread but wahl still does repairs and they are fantastic. Just wanted to update anyone who is interested. I send in my chromados once a year (I have 3) because they get kicked out of my hand onto the floor and wahl takes care of them for a small fee. Love wahl!