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    I've got a question to throw out there to you all....I can't afford to go to a grooming school so I am considering the home study courses offered. I am a bit skeptical about it cuz well u know - how do u learn? I have researched the ones on this site and I think the JKL one kinda sounds promising since you are required to do hands on work and they say you have the ability to call them day or night and whatnot....

    has anyone done any of the home study grooming courses as their ONLY MAIN form of learning to groom (as you know from other posts- I am having a hard time finding a groomer willing to teach me). You know - would it be good enough to where I can actually go out and GROOM the dogs? Or are they a waste of time and $$?

    Any responses are appreciated - especially if anyone has actually done them.



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    Bump! I am wondering what people have to say as well. I never post anything anymore. Im in such a rut for the same reasons. I wrote an email to a very well known grooming member to ask if there were scholarships I didnt know about. I didnt say it in the email but I was actually tearing up while I typed. Its very frusterating that you cannot get govt. help in most circumstances. Its a very legitamate profession. I know why it isnt and all. I also wonder the answer to your questions.


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      I was wondering also. It seems as though no ones gone the home schooling route. Hey Mommy did you see how they were having the scholarship contest on this website? I was looking into it, but the only route I could've taken was the home schooling. Nothing near Jersey. Like both of you I wasn't sure if it would be good enough.


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        The previous message board has plenty of comments on this. Sometimes you won't get as much response here because it has been SO TALKED ABOUT for years previously. Try searching the words home study on the previous board, see the top category for how to link there on the main page of this forum. I can say that I have never had a truly poor comment about JKL, All About Dog Grooming and Groomadog. Certainly your education never ends, and you need to go to shows and learn, learn and learn beyond any course, even a school. So it is a fine place to start. But yes I have had complaints about some other home study programs, but you will not find them advertising here. put together the largest scholarship program in history in grooming last year, and we got so many applications, especially for home study. There will be hundreds disappointed. There is almost nothing else in the way of scholarships but do check with other associations, click the Assns link in the left column under Yellow Pages. However, I have NEVER seen one for home study and NEVER a full tuition scholarship, and we put 8 together thanks to wonderful sponsors which I hope everyone will continue to appreciate what they have done, see


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          I am sure they are fantastic programs with lots of info. My question is this. When someone is interviewing you and you say you learned dog grooming through distance learning... what are your chances at being employable? Thats my fear. I am not looking to qucky open up a shop. I want experience working for someone else. So how employable are you with a distance learning course?


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            school vs on-line and $$$

            Here is my 2 cents worth. First when I was thinking about going to grooming school vs on-line classes I thought about on-line being not so hands on and no one to tell me what I was doing wrong (which I did alot wrong at frist). Second, was do people really want to take thier dog to a groomer that just completed an on-line course? Really think about it. I am not saying that the on-line course aren't any good (I really don't know) but the first question most of my customers asked when I first opened was what type of training I had! Also how are you ever going to experience doing different breeds of dogs. At a school it is a business also and all different types of dogs come in. I chose going to school and yes paying for it myself. If you do not have the financial backing or are able to get a loan to go to a school that costs a fraction of the cost of a college how are you ever going to open a nice shop with good/safe equipment if that is what you decide to do. You only get out of it what you put in it.

            Now here is the other side! Yes I went to a great school and I learned so much there about grooming, safety, the proper equipment and how to handle customers. But after the actual learning part was over I felt like I was there just grooming working for free and couldn't wait to get out of there to make some money!


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              I went through the All About Dog Grooming home study program many years ago. You learn by not cheating yourself; read and re-read and absorb and try all you can from the instruction you are given and can find elsewhere. After passing a good program, you should be able to go out and start doing the basics, but you'll still need that hands on practice.


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                "If you do not have the financial backing or are able to get a loan to go to a school that costs a fraction of the cost of a college how are you ever going to open a nice shop with good/safe equipment if that is what you decide to do. You only get out of it what you put in it."

                I respectfully disagree with that statement. Right now we are a family of four on one income. When I complete a grooming program we will be a two income family. When the time comes that I am experienced enough to open a shop I will be in the postition to put the money aside. At the moment it is extremely difficult to put anything aside. Also, if I were going to college I would be able to get a grant and what was not covered would be covered through a stafford loan which is garunteed approval. There is a reason why many people cannot afford to put into grooming school. The cost of living is very high these days. Beleive me I would put my all into getting the knowlege and finances up to start a grooming business. My husband is a commercial electrician and we struggle consistantly. I just don't think the desire = financial sacrifice. I would love to sacrifice. Unfortunately numbers are black and white and there is a defecit in my household.


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                  I took one. Some of the information was outdated, some was plain wrong, but it offered a good intro to grooming and I did learn info I hadn't known. I am not currently a groomer yet.

                  I took the course because I was not in a position to go away to school or to pay for a hands on training school at this point in time. I had a mentor at the time as well who helped me with the hands on stuff, to some degree, but I lost that mentor before I was ready to. (literally lost, it's not that I was a ****** learner and we got into a fight or anything.)

                  Online places are a great place TO START. It's important to come here and learn from others as well. Learning, as we all know, is a process and an ongoing one at that. I currently have DVDs of grooming, books, study guides, posters ... I have the two main "bibles" -- Theory of 5 and Notes. I have gone to shows. I currently have 5 clients waiting for me to feel confident enough to start, but I, personally, do not feel ready. I am from the school of learning of "see one, do one, teach one" (and then go back to step one again) ... but I still need to "see some more" before I do one.

                  I chose a cheaper, less respected course to start, because I had to get my butt in gear and instead of pie-in-the-sky dreaming and waiting for someone else to start my dream, I did what I was able to at the time. I also knew it was only the first step in what has and will continue to be an ongoing process.

                  So yes, if you are only able to do an online course, do it. You will be able to do hands on work through shelters, rescues and friends. If you can, some of the boxstores offer apprenticeships where they send you off to school and pay for it, in return for a time-specified commitment. (That was not an option for me either, as we are also a one income household, and I'm it, complete with all the medical bills that brought us to become a one income household.)

                  There may not be scholarships up front, but the money spent can be "converted" -- into income but also into job training and supplies purchase through taxes. Talk to a professional and set up something formally -- then your training and supplies and expenses can be tax deductible, as long as you have clients and you are legitimate in tracking and filing.

                  There are ways to make it work. As someone who sat in the funk for years, planning, dreaming and in bad moods at work escaping to my "happy place" in my mind, and cried over a discarded dream ... I understand. The most important thing is to learn, not just read or show up to class. Learn, research, review, ask, know your resources here and through the internet. But please, both of you, please take the first steps to knowing you're on the right path and making the first step. It hurts only when you don't.


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                    "If you do not have the financial backing or are able to get a loan to go to a school that costs a fraction of the cost of a college how are you ever going to open a nice shop with good/safe equipment if that is what you decide to do. You only get out of it what you put in it. "

                    That comment was harsh. Some people do have dreams of being in this business, but realized it after having children, rent and car payments. Just because you don't have $5000 in your back pocket doesn't mean you don't have the drive to be able to make your dreams come true. There are no Government backed loans for this chosen course. So you need private loans that are very hard to qualify for. I could get in to college in a minute if I wanted to.

                    MommyEtch made it very clear she wants to work for someone else. To gain the knowledge after attending school. By working and gaining the knowledge she'll most likely be able to save the money to open her own shop someday. I have faith in her. She seems like she knows exactly what she wants to do, just not sure how to start it. I'm in that same position too. I'm sure most people on here didn't start this career by someone handing them thousands to go to school. If ya did god bless ya. If you want it bad enough you'll find a way mommy. I have faith in you.


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                      Thanks for the info Stephen, i'll check back on the former forum.

                      To anyone starting out : don't let anyone ever take away your dreams. i cannot go to a reg. school because the schools around here don't allow me to continue my job at the same time and then i cannot pay my bills. This in no way reflects how my future business is going to be. The only thing that it will show is that I am going to have a great business because I have heart and determination. I don't give up and I don't quit. I may not have money, but that means I'll learn how to get things done w/ fewer costs. It shows I know sacrifice, I know hard work, I know the tears I've cried in frustration...and believe me, I will know success when I have achieved my goals. This, i can do, without money handed down to me. It will just take me longer than those that have money. If you have it, more power to you. If you don't, keep your chin up and work hard, keep your prayers up. You will achieve great things if you put your mind to it.


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                        Amen Newbie!! Like I always say....If ya want it bad enough you'll find a way! I know I plan to.


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                          Thanks for the chuckle! Harsh? Far from it...... My point was that most of my customers questions when I first opened where what type of training do you have? Like I said I don't know how the on-line courses are but I know you will not be getting the experience you will need with all of the breeds. That is my opinion.

                          As for the money comment that made me chuckle even more! I wish I even had $1,000 in my pocket or someone handing me money! We went from a 2 person income to a 1 person income with a child real fast when I lost my job due to corporate downsizing. Did I qualify for any money for school? No. Did everyone else I went to school with? Yes, because they lost thier jobs for other reasons. I took out a loan for school and to built a shop. Did it and now extremely busy and paying back my loan. Only about half of the other students who went for free are working as groomers and yes that does get me mad! I did take a risk but that is what you have to do and yes I was stressed out but if I can do it anyone can do it. If you want it bad enough you will find a way.


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                            PetsRus, I am feel a bit insulted by your responses. That is great that you were able to achieve your goals...I just didn't appreciate that your post made is sound as if my business would fail due to the fact that I am having more trouble "funding" my dreams. Chuckle if you want, I thought it was rude. Maybe I am misunderstanding your comments seeing as this is "online" talking and not verbal face to face. If I am, then please disregard my feeling insulted, and I apologize. If I am reading your posts correctly, then yes, I feel insulted, but no matter...I will still have my business. It is just taking me longer. I can go to school for grooming and get a loan...that is not the I've stated before, my problem is being able to pay my bills while going to school for grooming. I cannot just 'up and go' to a school and have my bills magically disappear while I am gone, and I cannot put them off until I am finished and then pay them after I start working again. That is what my current problem is.


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                              No I am not trying to insult you in anyway and I would never mean to hurt anyone, but knowing my own situation I did laugh out loud about the money! I know where you are coming from trust me. I used to sit and think how am I ever going pull this off but everything worked out and it will for you too. Like some of the others said if you want it bad enough you will find a way. I even thought about you today while I was grooming. If your only option is to do an on-line course and your not working now, maybe you could find a job as a bather even part time and take the course at the same time! At least you would have a better understanding of what the on-line course is teaching you if you were around grooming hands on. Like I said in my original post about the school, I felt I was working for free after the major learning was done but I would go again if I had to.