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  • Is this a good school?

    Does anyone have an opinion on The North Jersey School of Grooming in Chatham NJ. I'm thinking about attending there. There considerably cheaper then Nash. The school looks nice. I'm not so sure about the tool kit. I've spoken with one of the instructors about purchasing my own tools and they were not thrilled with the idea. She pretty much assured me that it's good and made it sound as if I don't have a choice. The tool kit comes in a tackle box looking case and the kit costs around $800. I've never heard of a school not being ok with purchasing your own tools in any feild. Even Nash says it's fine if I want to purchase my own tools. I can't see giving $800 dollars for tools when I can purchase better quality tools some of which I already have. Even if I spend $1500 on getting the best of the best at least I didn't waste $800. Any comments would be appreciated not just about the tools but about the school also.

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    how to tell

    Well, I don't know about this school, but having just graduated from one, I can tell you what I would do now.

    Get a list of graduates and CALL them. Talk to them, we guys love to talk.
    They will know what goes on.

    How long is the course? The longer the better. I would want 400 hours
    or more.

    How many Students to teachers? How long have they been grooms themselves?

    How long is your class day? The longer the better.

    And also, how many dogs a day do you get to work on?

    The more the better.

    Just some ideas from someone who has been there, and done that.


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      Thank you so much for all the info. I will definitely be looking into the school more in depth with all the questions you gave.


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        I'm currently going to Nash (2 months of online courses followed by 6 weeks hands-on). I'm definitely happy with everything I've learned so far in the online courses.

        I know it's not the cheapest of educations.. however it seems that in this industry you "get what you pay for". And if this other school doesn't want you purchasing your own tools... that really sends a HUGE red flag up to me.

        If they're worried that you'll be getting tools that won't do the job, that would be easily remedied by your sending them the list of tools you plan on purchasing. It sounds to me like they're trying to make money off your tool kit..and why would they need to do that?

        Of course I'm partial. I almost went to a different school, but two separate people recommended that I NOT attend that school.. and it was much cheaper than Nash as well. I'm very happy that I listened to them, and went with the better school.

        Good luck whatever you decide!


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          That's also what I'm thinking. I might really have to buckle down and make a payment plan with Nash. I really want to go there. Especially with the future incase you do have to get licensed. Saying you already paid for you education with Nash I'm sure would help. Thanks so much!


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            I attended aschool in Florida that was supposed to be the best... Anyway, one day I decided that I had enough of the drama and soap opera and walked out. Yes, they still had my $10,000 but I had my sanity. One of the Instructors quit shortly after I did and I finished learning from her. After leaving, almost every student who I have met also disliked the school, talk to former students. For confidentiality reasons they might not give you the info, visit local salons I am sure they know someone who attened.


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              A lot of former Nash students say they loved it. So I'm guessing thats the best choice for my area. God I want to go so bad!


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                School isn't everything, but a good foundation. It is important to be able to commit to something and be able to follow through to the end no matter how difficult, as business and clients and pets will all prove to be difficult at some point and it is pertinent to your future that you do not drop and run. After school try to apprentice with different groomers and learn about different techniques, etc...
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                  im starting grooming school in fla next week even thou it not good or good school i just focus on myself with my learning skills as best as i can i aint worry cuz the state pay for it. i do learned a lot while bathing dogs at two different grooming shops


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                    Pawsitively Purrfect,
                    Did you groom the poodle on your avatar? If so how did you get the color so strong? And wow what ears that poodle has!


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                      No, That is from a Japanese grooming site. Over there they are using new products for coloring and those ears are hair extensions believe it or not! Im trying to get more info on the color...
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                        If you have doubts now your gut instinct is probably best. No school should require you to purchase your kit from them. I find if you have done your research you might already have an idea on what tools you want to start with and quite often a "bought on" kit has some cheaper tools that you may not ever use. I for one have a shedding blade that has not seen use since the 80's as I have used rubber currys for a very long time, preferring them since there is no irritation to the skin from the little edges on the shedding blade. Many schools are only as good as their instructors so whenever you do talk to a graduate ask them the name of their instructor and if possible ask to see them work. You will sometimes see a large variance in quality depending on the instructor. I also always tell people to try to work for a salon or kennel that provides grooming services you waste a lot less of your training time in school if you have a good base to build on. I found that helped me a lot myself when I went to school I did not waste time learning how to bathe or brush out I jumped right into the full fledged patterning and scissoring work. It also helped that my instructor could see that I was more advanced than the other students as well.

                        SO much of what you get out of schooling is part of what you take in with you.Buy the books that talk about grooing , absorb as much info on the boards as you can. Go to a shop and watch them groom. It will prep you for the actual learning more than you will realize. If you know what a dog should look like when finished you have amuch better idea of where you are going with the ungroomed dog. A student who has no clue what a living dog should look like finds it much harder to take the pattern they look at in the book and visualize it on the dog they are working on.


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                          I'm going to discuss things with my fiance tonight to see if Nash is in the budget. By my own math, it's going to be a struggle. I think it's going to be worth it in the long run.


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                            I am not sure what point Paws is trying to make, since I am the one who posted I walked out. But, anyway: it is important to stick it out but nothing is WORTH your sanity or integrity. As in my situation, but what made me feel so nice, the "former" owner of the school saw me one time and apologized for all he had done (he had refered to my hubby as being my "sugar daddy" since my hubby does spoil me). But, I have raised his 3 kids, put him through school, I was with him before money and loved him.

                            So Paws, you have made numerous comments under ALL of my posts and most of not been nice or flattering.


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                              Gracy Rose, you sure are a pretty lady! Maybe I should post a pic when I was your age and still pretty ha ha I don't think I knew it then. Now I just try to be pretty from the inside. Not that you aren't. I mean it is my only option.