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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums. I'm hoping to find other people who went through the Pet Smart Grooming Academy. I'm just wondering what to expect. I leave July 5th, so it's coming up quick!

    I've been a bather for two years & groom family's dogs at my house for over the last year for some practice, but I'm still nervous.

    I have all my tools, however I am buying a new clipper. Elsewhere in the forum, I asked what clipper I should get. I know I want Andis, and one that won't heat up extremely fast. The clipper I know now (Andis 5 speed) seems like it heats up just shaving 1 pad. I've narrowed it down to Andis ag2 super 2 speed, or the Andis agc super 2 speed.

    I've got my other tools, and the book Notes from the Grooming Table (2016 edition).

    But what I can expect as far as hotel, accomediations? Am I aloud to leave the hotel? Am I able to go eat my own? Did you share a room with another student, if so, did you feel the hotel room was suitable for 2 people? On my "weekends" am I able to leave and come back? (My sister lives by the school(40 mins away) ; 6 hours from my house, I was hoping to visit her for a day or two)

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    The 5 speed only heat up fast if you keep it on the highest speed. I personally prefer the 5 speed due to the light weight. I also still have my trusty Andis Ultra-Edge that I've had since going to Academy 6 years ago. They just feel heavy compared to my 5 speed.

    Hotel wise you are on your own for down time. Yes you are allowed to leave. They just expect to be back the night before class and don't recommend traveling far distances right before class. At minimum you will have a mini fridge and microwave in your room to allow you to prevent having to eat out all the time.

    Most of the time you do have a roommate unless you luck out and there is an odd number of people. It is a regular hotel room but there are separate beds. So the typical joys of sharing a room applies.


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      One of my co-workers just got a 5-speed and she loves it. If you are heating up that quickly, it might be a problem with your blade/blade maintenance. The 5-speed is supposed to be better than the other two, and the others that you mentioned are essentially the same as each other.

      I'm personally not a fan of Notes any more, I find the grooms a little out dated, and groomers that I've trained find the lines hard to read.... I find that all the patterns end up two inches too high. I really like Jody Murphy's new book: Grooming Simplified.

      Going to class is like going to work. Many academies are local to the students, and there will probably one student who is at her home store. Once you leave work, you can do whatever you want, pretty much like any other day of work. Just a different location. You're not really monitored, yes you can leave on the weekends. As far as I know, students can request an individual room. Hotels vary greatly by region, but a two-bed hotel room is a two-bed hotel room.