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OPCLC Certification?

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  • OPCLC Certification?

    Has anyone else had experience with this website?

    From what I've gathered It's an educational website that offers courses in basic knowledge of the pet care industry. And grants the user "certification" and the legal use of their copyrighted OPCLC logo for use in his or hers business advertisements.

    To me it doesn't seem like it's accredited...

    I'm just curious to know if anyone else has heard of this site or used its services? Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Never heard of them at all. I would really check background and get referrals from graduates.


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      Also remember that if you say these people certified you, or any online school, to most groomers it will mean little. Only getting certified by NDGAA, IPGI or ISCC is going to carry some weight, and their certification is not beginning training for career seekers. When you tell someone in the industry you are certified they are going to think you mean these 3. It is true completing school gets you a certificate and you can certified by the school, and be proud, but day to day, groomers saying certified means these other ones. Good luck with your career! Welcome here.


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        Agree, never heard of them.