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  • Texas AllBreed Grooming School

    I did a search but didn't pull up anything.

    I'm looking at moving to Texas and attending grooming school. I've done multiple Google searches for grooming schools in Texas and I've gotten a mix of results. One that is continuously brought up is TAGS. I've checked out their website, FB page, and searched for reviews, but I'm still not finding everything I want.

    Does anyone have any experience with this school or its graduates? Do you know anything about their curriculum?

    Basically, is this a good school? Or is there a better one?

    Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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    I attended TAGS in 2011. It is a very thorough curriculum. You will groom anywhere from 2-5 dogs each day under the supervision of the school's director and head instructor. You will groom a wide variety of dogs (and cats if you'd like!) and have hands-on experience to start your grooming career!

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      I went to TAGS in 2011. It's very hands-on and definitely thorough enough for you to feel confident to begin your grooming career upon graduation!

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