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Looking for advice on opening a grooming school

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  • Looking for advice on opening a grooming school

    I am new to the business. I have a couple of girlfriends who are master certified groomers and want to start a school in Indiana. It is much needed here. A good quality school. I would be the financial backer. I would like some advice from people in the business other then my girlfriends.. Im listening to them just want some more advice. I would like to know the pros and cons of buying a franchise? or not? Thank you

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    You need to call grooming schools in your State and surrounding States and talk to the owners for specific questions . Also visit their school and see how they are set up and run. I would do this to multiple schools, because every one will probably be a little different and see which one fits your plans. Asking a bunch of groomers these questions will result in the same answers that your girlfriends probably gave you. Buying a franchise usually calls for mucho money and continued payment until you die.

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      I found the link for you here There are 2 consultants that can help.