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    I am thinking about joining ISCC and work toward certification. I have a few questions though. The events have not been updated on their website yet and I was wondering if they usually go to PetQuest or All American Grooming Show? These are the closest shows to me, and the ones that I will likely be able to get to in the future. I was also wondering if the discounts that you get from being a member are worth the price of membership? Do you have to take classes to certify or can you get all your info from the study guide? Please feel free to offer any other information on ISCC that you think is beneficial. Thanks.

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    They do go to the AAGS but I'm not sure about PetQuest. Where are you located? There are several ISCC Schools in IL and IN that may be near you. You can take your written tests with a proctor but to be honest with you some of the tests are better off taken after studying and a class-or two! I'm not anything to ISCC other than an ISCC member so don't take what I say as gospel, OK? Please feel free to email me through my profile if you have more in-depth questions


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      I am in Ypsilanti, MI (Detroit Metro area), so Indiana or Illinois would not be too far. I was considering doing the $350 package to get the videos and study guide. Did you find the videos helpful? I know I need to improve my scissoring and I do not know how to hand strip yet, although I am trying to find someone willing to teach me. Do they give you a list of people that are certified in your area (maybe they could help me?)? Thanks for the info.



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        what's AAGS and ISCC?


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          AAGS is the All American Grooming Show held in Chicago, Il every summer and ISCC is the International Society of Canine Cosmotologists that you can certify through (