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Grooming Schools??? Please help!!!!

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  • Grooming Schools??? Please help!!!!

    Hi everyone- My name is Nanda, I live in Jupiter, Florida. I'm 32 years old. I been wanting to be a dog groomer for about a few years. But i had too put it on hold do to the fact that i was helping my husband with the family business.
    I been doing some research on different schools and how to get started. My questions is should i go to school first or maybe work for a groomer to get the experience??? What's a good school in Jupiter, Florida? Please help!!!!!

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    Have you worked in an related animal field before? How much experience do you have with dogs? I would not say you need to work for a groomer, per say, but you should certainly have worked with animals. The fantasy and reality are different and it would be difficult to go to grooming school with no dog control skills at all. I worked as the boarding kennel person for a vet office. I feel that gave me plenty of knowledge about how to handle different types of dogs and let me bath dogs also.

    Good Luck


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      Hi to one FL girl from another

      Hi again & welcome!

      Don't know of a grooming school in Jupiter. There is one near Orlando & may be one in Tampa. The best for you may not be the closest one. You have to think of it as an investment & go where the best education is. So ask & ask some more.

      I'd do something working with dogs to start with. No one is trying to say don't do it, but if you've not worked with dogs doing so first, would be the way to go.

      Use the search button to look at what others have said about starting out.

      I've had a strong interest in dogs seems like forever. Worked in several vet places, a breeding kennel, started as a bather then did an apprenticeship.

      Don't worry about not starting years ago either. Many here did not start grooming until their 30s & older. I'm 43 & been in about 3 years.

      Hope this has helped.


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        Thanks so much for your response. I do have 3 dogs. I've volunteer in the humane society for about 2 years. And my husband and i recently moved to jupiter farms, florida, so i'm always finding lost dogs or dog, cat & horse sitting. I'm just really interested in becoming a dog groomer, i just was not sure where to start! Thanks again for you help!!!!


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          There is one in Winter Park also I've read about. I would advise anyone today to go to school and learn. I believe the law for licensing is on its way.. yeah!


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            If you are looking for the best possible education before embarking upon a new direction in your life may I suggest the Graywood Academy of Pet Care and Design? It is located in Newnan, GA and is also an ISCC Accredited School. It will last 5-6 months (I think) and you will graduate with an ISCC PetCare DermaTech Specialist Certification---the first step of the ISCC Certification process. You cannot go wrong with Grace's school IMO. You have both practical and written instruction based on the ISCC standards and educational material and you'll learn a LOT from there. Good luck to you!