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Is this right for me$ and which school?

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  • Is this right for me$ and which school?

    Hi groomers- at this point in my life I want to do something I love. My husband has always been "what makes money" A few years ago I wanted to be a pet groomer and he did the numbers, school, supplies, grooming van or trailer (need advice on which is best), van insurance, liability insurance, taxes, advertising and of course HOW MUCH DO I WANT TO WORK. I said 4 days a week he said it will take you 10 years to break even that was the end of that conversation.

    Now it's 3 years later, I am 41 and still want to do it. I feel if you're doing sometihng you love somehow it will work out financially in the long run.

    I have 2 options for schools,
    1 is about 4 hours away in winterpark, fl and is very impressive as well as expensive approx. $3200 basic $6200 for advanced and $9500 for master grooming. not to mention about $1000 for supplies. What is the best choice for the money and the drive ugh.
    The other school is right here in my hometown of Stuart, Fl it is more hands on, about $3500 for master sylist.

    I still work (my husbands company he started so this would be mine, just mine hehehehehe) so as soon as we slow down I want to start on this, My goal is to go to school, work in a great salon and approx in a year open my own business with mobile (trailer or van???????)

    thank you so much for reading this and any info I would really appreciate.

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    bather brusher

    You might want to try working part time as a bather brusher somewhere before you decide to spend all that money on grooming school. So many people think, oh i get to play with dogs all day and sometimes i feel like that, but other days are definately tough. Now, i am 20 years old and come home with back and feet pain, so you have to be fit if you want to start grooming at 41. It's a hard profession and you either have it or you don't, so I wouldn't go to school right away, like i said work part time at a petco or petsmart as a bather brusher and see if you can even handle it.


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      you need to talk to gracy rose. she own 2 salons and a mobile in orlando. she can tell you about the schools you are talkn about. just send her a private message , she will be glad to help!


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        thank you

        thank you for your input. i have to work a bit and plan on going to school in August. i visited stuart school and it is all hands on. i should probably work as a bather but i feel like i want to goforit. we'll see- if i get a million dollar ice show i may put this yet again on hold. but i feel like this i can do till i'm old and grey. i am grey but no one knows (i color hehehehe)