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  • Need a NCMG

    I am planning on certifing in July and need a couple of questions answered. If you are a ncmg I would love to send some pics of my dogs and have them critiqued. TIA!

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    Sure, I would love to help you out, you can send your pics to my e-mail


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      Would love to help! pm me!
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        I'll help you if you'd like....PM me and Q's or pix.



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          Thanks everyone!

          Thanks for all the support, I'm grooming 3 of the dogs tomorrow, or bathing and brushing them, but You should be able to see the pattern they are in. I'll get pics uploaded soon!!


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            The Norwich in this pic is my short legged terrier that I handstripped. I think it turned out nice. Shes not even a year old yet, I started rolling her coat in January. She's so good for it (except her hind end which I'm sure is a lil sensitive). Maybe someone could walk me thru how to get pictures loaded onto here, I'm not even sure how to look at other peoples albums on here I'm so computer illiterate! Everytime I try to upload a picture it tells me there is a problem.


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              Hi Jessica,
              Maybe you are sending too large of a picture. If you have Kodak Easyshare you can crop and adjust the photo down to a size that is best for the web. That is a cute Norwich but I can't see any of the details the same with your Bichon. You should set up a Flickr site and put your pictures on it,it is free and super easy to use. If you actually email me at [email protected] and not thru petgroomers you could send me photos that way also. I hate computers for the most part and can understand your frustration !


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                Thanks Katie, I'm sending you a pic of Spunky the Norwich, I think she turned out beautiful. She's only the second handstripped I've ever done. ( the first was in school ages ago) I had to learn how again, I've downloaded everything related on it (good and very very bad lol). Let me know what you think.