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Ahhh certification!!

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  • Ahhh certification!!

    I was hoping someone would send me a real picture of a dog that they used to certify. I'm having a hard time location one and ndgaa is hard to contact sometimes with questions. I am taking a norwich, bichon, american cocker and a min schnauzer. I have been prepping the dogs for a few months and testing is in July. Also, I've been doing the flash card thing for studying, but the akc book is rather large. I have my profiles, study kit notes, all that. Can anyone narrow down what exactly it is I'm tested on? External anatomy is not bad I've having trouble with internal skelatol structure, is there a word bank on the test? I've been grooming ten years, I think I'm a good groomer and now I'm second guessing myself all the time. This is my first attempt at futhering my education and I'm worried about all this time and energy and bombing in july. Please help!!! Plus Its like over 600 dollars for me to test in all phases, I 'm so worried its all for nothing. (other than the knowledge I'lm picking up along the way, lol)