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Financing for non-accredited grooming school

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  • Financing for non-accredited grooming school

    I will be making a career change into dog grooming. I have such a passion and big heart for dogs and know that I will excel at any career that envolves animals(especially dogs).

    I will need financing for the dog grooming school that I have choosen. Since it is a non-accredited school, I haven't found anything besides a personal loan(which could have high interest rates). The school is approved with the Florida commisioner of education.

    Does anyone know of any loans that would help in financing dog grooming school?

    thank you

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    If the school is not accredited, you may want to check with the school for references; previous students and businesses that have hired their graduates. After you have checked these areas begin to call around to the salons in your area and ask if they have hired any graduates from this school. If they did, ask how well trained they were and if the skill level was sufficient.

    Actually, this might be good to do for any school. There some outstanding schools around take your time and find the best one for your needs!

    good luck,


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      Running into the same issue

      I was recently terminated from my previous job because I took time off with out have miscarriage. That's right I got fired for having a miscarriage off the clock. Anyway I am thankful really. I have been pretty miserable working in a cubicle most of my adult life. Anyway I have always wanted to work with animals and one day it clicked for me that grooming is what I really wanted. The problem I am running into is that I can't come up with the 5,500 to pay the tuition. I have tried to get a position at one of the petsomethings and they won't hire me as a bather simply because I am to qualified. Maybe I should just apply and not put down my previous employment and just mention it in an interview. Anyway any advice on how to finance going to a grooming school or if anyone works at one of the Petsomethings in the Dallas, TX Metroplex and is willing to give me a shot as a bather I would much appreciative!!


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        I took out a personal loan with my local credit union.
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          i worked **** jobs and saved for one year.


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            Groomers Table Dog grooming aka GT Grooming

            Well I found a salon that will train you as you go over the next year. I was wondering if anyone has heard of them, they are called GT Grooming and they are in Dallas on Inwood. Anyone heard of them or know what they are like?


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              I also ran into this problem could not get a school approved for pell grants. My options were either loans which I could not pay back for awhile or give up on my dream and go back to living in the rat race dreading getting up everyday. Then I remembered I had e-mailed a local women from this board. So as a last effort I called her and spoke with her about training me, she agreed to meet with me on that Monday. We met and it worked out great I found my Angel! Renee @ Cameo's Pet Spa....

              We are in week 5 of training and I have learned so much... So much to learn still but Renee is a great teacher. I believe in Karma and hope that one day I will be able to pass this skill on to another person as Renee has done for me. If it is really something you want to do try every option before you give up. Call all your local groomers, vet offices etc. See if any are willing to help you learn the necessary skills. I can say it is well worth the effort I prayed every night that I would fnd a way and now I pray everyday thanking God for allowing me to meet Renee.

              Good Luck I hope you find a way.



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                I heart you, Renee!!!
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                  Does anyone know what schools in California (or elsewhere that you recommend) accept financial aid? I don't want to get my heart set on anything without that info!


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                    check with school

                    Have you asked the school if they work with a finance company? I know the finance company my school works with has very reasonable interest rates.