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Does anybody know of any grooming schools in the Vancouver BC area?

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  • Does anybody know of any grooming schools in the Vancouver BC area?

    I have been trying to find a school in this area and there don't seem to be any. The closest I have found in outside of Seattle. I think I would do better in a school setting rather than trying to learn by DVD's. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

    Stephen: I don't know of a well-known school around there personally, and for that reason I know of a much better known school considering a 2nd location there, but that's a year away.

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    There are a couple

    My sister went to Foxy dog in Nanaimo. Small classes (only 2 students). Great instructors... not sure if they are still teaching as one of them has cancer, but you can look it up and inquire.

    And Western Dog grooming school is in Maple Ridge. Their website is
    I don't know anything about the school, but again, you can inquire.


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      Thank you!

      I'll check them out.


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        BC Grooming School

        I know of the other 2 schools mentioned, but I would have to strongly recommend Kathy from Dogs In the City. She is on Hastings St in Burnaby. She used to teach at Animal Haven, (no longer a school) as well as Western Dog Grooming school. She got the skill from Animal Haven and the Technical end from Western!
        You should check her out, I referen someone else to her, as she doesn't really advertise, and they were sooooo happy


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          Thank you.

          I will check her school out.