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Well....I start schooling tomorrow!

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  • Well....I start schooling tomorrow!

    Let's just say I am insanely nervous, feel like barfing already and its only 5:30pm the night before...and I am super curious as to how I'm going to fall asleep tonight and wake up refreshed and ready to go tomorrow!

    I'm a major worrier and have been obsessing over the smallest things today...."Do I take all of my equipment out of the packaging or wait to do it tomorrow when I'm learning about my tools? Do I wear my smock going in or put it on once I'm in there?"

    HAHA.....I hope I survive through all of my anxiety tomorrow .

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    For a multitude of reasons...the "feeling like barfing" is one you may tap into more than once in this get accustomed to that one, lol!
    You are going to have a sound like MyLady's "Mini-Me" w/ your obsessing over the finer fact I might just hunt her down and have her run over here and give you some real words of support.
    If she starts in on nail polish matching your smock, glitter and decals...ya better tune that out.
    Let me see if I can go find her......
    Good Luck, have fun, relax, and get a good night's sleep, (or not?...but try!)
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Have a glass of wine to help you fall asleep, and wake up in the morning feeling great! You are starting a new, wonderful career. Have fun!
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        Thank you, 4Sibes! I half way expected someone to call me nuts, not tell me I am a "mini" of another member...hehehe!

        Oh, and don't worry...I painted my nails purple already to match my purple smock. I'm betting I will have to take it off in the morning though, biting your nails from nervousness doesn't help nail polish....or my teeth from being glittered with purple


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          Here I am! Queen of the worriers! I obsess over the smallest detail in just about everything so I can feel your pain. But just remember, this is going to be new for everyone, not just you. Don't be afriad to ask questions. You can wear a shirt and bring your smock and easily throw that on if needed. If you open your equipment now, or wait until class, I think either way is really fine. If you have a tool box and want to get it organized ahead of time, go ahead! If you don't, that will be okay too. You should have seen me when I compete at Hershey. Thank goodness for Dirty Hairy (a member here on the board who I roomed with). I think I would have gone insane without her there to constantly reassure me. I didn't sleep or eat much, worked myself up into a crying, nauseous mess. But I lived through it and even competed again this past year in RI. And before THAT comp I was on here (as Sibes mentioned) worrying about making sure my nail polish matched my smock, among other things! I didn't sleep or eat much then either, but my nerves were a LITTLE better. Once again, roomed with Dirty Hairy who helped me maintain what sanity I could. If there is something to worry about, I worry about it. If there is nothing to worry about, I make up something to worry about I swear! I have found that by worrying I give myself a false sense of "control". Like, if I worry that this bad thing will happen it will make sure it won't. If I worry I will forget this, I won't. One thing I try to remind myself, over and over and over, is worrying doesn't help a problem and doesn't add a moment to your life. Sometimes that helps! And believe me, I have spent more than one occasion bent of the porcelain bowl emptying whatever I managed to eat due to nerves. So I completely understand, but I am going to say, with ALL certainty, you will do just fine, no matter what you choose. Try to enjoy your first day. It's the beginning of a wonderful journey into the world of grooming! Wish I could go with you, I'd worry for you! It's my JOB! At least it should be, cuz I'm so good at it, and it would be nice to get paid for it!
          What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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            Take a deep breath, relax and have fun.
            I'm sure you'll do just fine.
            Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.


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              Congrats, take all Sibes advice to heart, giggling helps with the jitters! Honestly everyone ones toenail polish should match ones clippers ! lol, relax, have fun and be a sponge. You'll be fine.
              ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                Have a great day tomorrow,and relax. Anybody as keen as you are is bound to do well! Man I wish there were some more of you in my area,I can't find anyone to teach in my family that has what it takes,or the desire.
                "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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                  I was in your place this time last year!
                  Good luck on the first day of your new career!


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                    You are not alone. My BFF Doggie Girl puked her guts out,5 minutes before she went in the breed ring the first time. She was white as a sheet. She did fine,I wasn't much better.just not puking. I got BOB,she got Reserve. By the time I went in for puppy group and got it, I was actually competeing,and having fun,instead of just trying not to pass out LOL You will do great! Log in tomorrow and fill us in!
                    "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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                      I don't even think I was as nervous as this at my own wedding!!!

                      Thank you so much for the support, you guys! I have 1 hour until I have to leave for my first day of training. I'm trying to stuff down some toast with crunch peanut butter for breakfast...but it's hard to do when all you really want to do is barf!!

                      I think I'm so nervous because I'm the only one in my "class". A lady in town who owns a shop and has been grooming for 21 years is teaching me, along side with another lady with 19-20 years experience. I was going to go to CT for school, but this training program is 10 minutes from my house and $4k I figure that it was going to be my best bet because I can barely afford the $4.3k (with supplies) that this training is costing me!

                      I think if I went to CT and had others in my class, then I'd be less nervous because there would be others that are going through the same thing...but now its "all eyes on me"! I really like my instructor, though, she is a very nice lady and the shop seems very relaxed. When I went in there about a month ago to talk to the lady, I only expected to be in there for maybe a half hour....I was in there for 2 hours and didn't even notice how fast the time went by!!

                      I don't have a tool box or anything for my I am walking in there with a Ryan's Pet Supplies box full of my tools HAHAHA! I already spent $800 on my tools, so a tool kit wasn't going to fit into the budget until I get a job (had to quit mine for school).

                      I stopped by the coffee shop for my favorite blended coffee drink and I think it was a bad idea. Coffee = anxiety. BUT....its delicious and is going to keep me alert, LOL!!

                      Well...I will report back in about 7 hours!! Thanks again for the support


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                        Yikes, I can't relate to barfing before going to a class for something, not even an exam!! Poor you.

                        Since I am a weirdo who usually is not aware of what other people think, and don't really care if it's about stuff like "looks" or other inconsequential things, then all I can say is, if you recognize that you obsess over teensy things, try to modify your thoughts and therefore your anxieties. This should be FUN! Got it? FUN!!

                        Good luck!


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                          Well did you pass out orsomething? Lets hear how it went!
                          ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                            Oh yeah, we need to know! Do tell.....


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                              Inquiring minds want to know .... how was your first day? Did you finally relax and enjoy your lessons?
                              "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss