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How about the Arkansas Pet Grooming School?

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  • How about the Arkansas Pet Grooming School?

    I am still trying to decide on everything. Has anyone heard of them? Has anyone graduated from here? Online reviews are good from what I have found so far. Still considering Nash, but this one is less expensive. Thanks in advance!!

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    You SO get what you pay for!
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      Never heard of them.

      You can go to an Ivy League school (Nash, Paragon, Nan Hall, New York School of Dog Grooming, etc.) OR you can go to a community college... How much more could you learn at an Ivy League than at a small, state school?

      That's the best comparison. Harsh, I know. BUT, what you'll learn starts with the dogs that come through the door. You will be taught practical skills on the dogs who come in.

      What and how you are taught makes all the difference. You can come out of there with a strong foundation of skills that you can expand on, having been exposed to a variety of breeds. Or, you can come out of a school knowing little more than how to do a shavedown.

      The money is WORTH it. This is an investment on future earnings. Don't go bargain shopping.

      That being said, even after graduating the key to being a GOOD groomer is having the desire and ability to constantly push yourself farther, both practically (technical skills) and theoretically (understanding dog behavior, anatomy, skin conditions, etc.)


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        Don't Do It

        I went to this school and I DO NOT recommend it at all. Your time and money are worth being spent elsewhere.

        I just got through looking at the Paragon home study program and dvds - just from looking at the sample video on their site I can tell I would have learned a whole lot more from watching these dvds at home than I did at APG school. In fact I plan on purchasing it this week so I can finally get the knowledge I need to open my own home salon.

        If I could go to the Paragon or Nash hands on programs I would do that because I think having an instructor guide you as you groom would be invaluable. Luckily I am able to groom dogs from our local Humane Society and Animal Control to get practice but sometimes I wish there was someone there for me to ask questions - lol.

        Good Luck to you!


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          Thanks for the help!

          Thank you all so much for the advice. I have decided on Nash, and hope to start in March, unless something comes up. I can't wait!


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            I went to a &quot;community college&quot;

            at almost half the cost of ivy league. It might not be as grand, but my instructors were phenominal, the school is clean, I learned breed specific patterns with an emphasis on care and safety. the equipment was not top of the line but it works just fine. If I had known of Nash or Paragon back then and had the money, I may have went. but married with 2 kids does not leave much disposable income. You do get what you pay for. I didnt know what I missed. however, I continue to learn. from the many other groomers I have worked with, from shows and seminars, and from this board. you dont have to go to harvard to get a good education, state schools have excellent instructors also. I know groomers that went to "ivy league" and Im not sure I'd want them to clip my dogs nails. I also know groomers that have been self taught that continue to put me in aw of their ability. I dont know the school you talk of so I cant say if it is a good place, just dont base quality on the cost, groomers of all people should know that.