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Concord All Breed School in Knoxville, TN?

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  • Concord All Breed School in Knoxville, TN?

    Hello out there! I am looking into attending grooming school. I am in Nashville, and am looking at school in about a 4 hr radius (so I can commute home on weekends). I was impressed with the Intl' Academy of Pet Design's website, but not so impressed with their reviews. Knoxville is not that far, has anyone heard of Concord? Any other recommendations would be welcome! Price is a big concern as well. I am considering Graywood, but need to find out tuition. Also, any one have any opinion on Melody Manor, KY; Golden Paws, KY? Thanks so much!

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    Forget Concord. Trust me.

    Go for Nash in Lexington. It's the closest you'll find. Look into their financing available. You can even do the online courses and then go do the practical. But, choose your school WISELY.

    I would say that if you absolutely cannot afford Nash or a good school like it, try to find a GOOD groomer and apprentice under them.


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      I agree with Snickerpoodles! Nash all the way. WELL worth it. SOme of the top groomers in the country came from that school and many of the top groomers in the WORLD teach there at least on a part time basis. Go for that one. DO NOT skimp on education.
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