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    I am having to enroll in an online distance learning program to learn to groom as the closest school to me is 3 1/2 hours away. (I'm located in the northeast corner of Mississippi) I've been researching several schools and have narrowed my search to Paragon...Groomadog and Fast Track Institute of Pet Careers. I realize there are several reputable schools out there, but these 3 seem to fit what I'm looking for. Does anyone here have any ideas or opinions on these three schools, or know anyone that attended them? Thanks a bunch...I'm very confused, but anxious to get started! Oh yeah...I havent ruled out Nash or JKL just yet either!!
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    I don't really know too much about their online training but I love Paragon.


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      The thing also tends to be the cost your willing to pay, most programs are between 3500$ to 10000$ And so far i think Nash is the only school that has actually financial aid programs (like most colleges have) other either require full payment, or that you get a loan through your bank....

      I wanted to go to the online courses, not because i have to, just simply because it may help my business and attract new customers seeing that NO groomer in this area is certified. But my problem is paying for everything, having a house payment, car payment, and all of my other bills add up pretty fast, I don't just have an extra 3500$ lying around i could use...I know many a people out there might be this lucky, and god bless you if you do, im just simply pointing out those factors...

      Good luck though!