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  • Cat grooming school

    We are in the middle of our 2nd day of teaching at the National Cat Groomers School. The students are fantastic and the program is progressing better than expected. I think the students' heads are swimming with too much info though.

    Here are a few pictures of our facility. I have to say it turned out better than I ever dreamed.
    If you want to get in on the March session, we some spots left!

    The student lounge/waiting room, the grooming room with 10 work stations complete with Clipper Vac units, Wahl clippers, and stainless steel grooming tables, and the bathing room complete with Forever Stainless Mini tubs - purr-fect for cats! I still need to get pics of the drying room.
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    Looks really nice,, I love those big windows. Almost makes me want to learn to groom cats!


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      Very Nice!! Does the school have a website? How can we obtain information on your school? I'm not sure if it can be posted in here, but if you don't mind, you can send me a private message. Thank you in advance...


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        There is info about cat grooming certification as well as the school.

        A pic of the school building.
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          Your school looks beautiful. I would love to be able to attend cat grooming school someday. I have been trained by a big box store on how to groom kitties, but I still don't feel confidant. The big box store training included one day spent on-site with a fellow cat groomer and reading a cat grooming book that wasn't very thorough. I have groomed very few cats and have had some fairly good results, but I am very afraid of cat injuries and would love to actually attend classes so I can groom properly. I plan on investing in the Ultimate Cat Grooming Encyclopedia when I have the available funds but have stopped grooming cats until I get more education and can groom competently and confidently.


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            That's a really nice looking school. I would imagine anyone wanting to really get into cat grooming would love this school. I'll certainly pass the word.
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              I'm attending in June and can't WAIT!

              Working on building up the strength in my arms for all that "scruffing" and studying my NCGIA materials. They are awesome! Cats are my passion, so I know a lot about cats, but have learned so much from their materials. If you are a dog groomer who wishes to groom more cats, you need to check out their website - and get the Ultimate Cat Groomer's Encyclopedia. The DVD's are awesome, too. They visually show you what the Encyclopedia shows you as well. I highly recommend them.

              I have never groomed dogs before and I love cats, so the cat grooming school is very exciting for me. My family, friends, and rescue contacts are ready to refer clients to me when I finish and are all pulling for me. I work with feline rescue and feral cats, and yes, I even have a dog (who thinks she is a cat).

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                CONGRATULATIONS d ! So glad to have this in our area! Downtown is awesome & I get over there often. I was wondering if this was the old art studio ? Now I have some place to refer prospective students to! GREAT JOB!


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                  Yes, Downtowndog, we bought the old Upstate Visual Arts bldg. During the process I learned that artists do NOT know how to paint walls. lol

                  Stop by when you get a chance. School is in session all of next week. Students graduate on Friday and head back home. We will not be back in session until March since I have several trips to take including speaking at Zoo Russia in Moscow in mid-Feb. I am excited about that!

                  But even after school is out, our office admin will be there each day and I will be in unless I am traveling. Would love to meet you in person and give you a tour of the school.
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                    Very classy- love the look.


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                      we had time on Friday for Lindsay to do a mini creative cat grooming demo for the students. This cat's name is Clemson, so she gave him a Clemson paw on his rump. If you are from around here you know how Clemson fans get excited over such things.

                      Anyway, it was a great opportunity for the students to learn a little about kitty creatives.
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