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  • Grooming School Financial Aid

    I live in Florida and am looking for financial aid to start grooming school. How do I go about doing that? Grooming school is $5000!!
    Thank you.

    Stephen: For a long time a fair number of schools were able to offer financial aid, sometimes private, sometimes government based. The credit crisis has made the availability scarce but not impossible. Remember that in general schools that can offer government related financial aid have to be both state licensed and accredited and not that many schools are both. Again, some schools have persevered and are offering financial aid. I know Sallie Mae was mentioned here in this thread, but I do know at least 2 schools that lost the ability to offer Sallie Mae aid about 18 months ago. For some it is a matter of attending schools that have somehow maintained the ability to offer it. I cannot speak for every school everywhere, call them, but I did hear that the Florida Institute continues to offer financial aid. We have a list of schools in Florida at in the School section. Some of the schools also make arrangements with private finance companies to help you.