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    I'm a graduate of a very good grooming school in California and have been grooming for 8 years. I'd like to find an advanced program where I can spend a two months going to the next level. I still have trouble with a poodle’s top knot and bichon’s round face. I would especially like to learn more about hand scissoring.

    I believe the“New York Dog Grooming School” has an advanced program, and there's another one in San Diego. Does anybody have experience with these schools or can suggest a program that would meet my needs?

    Stephen: Besides the recommendations you receive here do realize that many schools can offer custom programs - reinforcement training for specific goals such as you state. I encourage you to call schools and ask if they do this, BUT, ensure they can deliver what you request. In your case, let's say they offer you a 40 custom program, BUT, will they indeed have the appropriates pets available? If they don't have the appropriate pet clientele it could be a real problem. Ask, verify.

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    Nash has them and some of the people on this list can come to YOU and work in your salon for a fee.....I have done it and so have LIsa Leady and Jodi Murphy I believe. You can get a seminar set up for you and a few others to reduce the cost.....
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      This might not work for you or even pique your interest, but what about DVD's or seminars? There is going to be a grooming EXPO in Pasadena soon, there are others all over the country.

      I like the Pet Pro Classic in Dallas, TX, because of the seminars (I can take over 20 hours for about $220).

      Jodi Murphy has some EXCELLENT (and I mean excellent!) DVD's for doing bichons. One is the Pet trim, and the other is the Show trim. She also has a 2-part DVD for doing Poodles. Her DVD's are priced just right, and she's having a sale right now, buy 3 get one free until Jan. 15th. Even without the sale, her DVD's are the biggest bang for your buck.

      Jodi Murphy teaches Professional Dog Grooming. Learn how to groom dogs from a champion pet stylist, and purchase her books, DVDs, grooming apparel and shears.

      I went to a REALLLLLY bad school, and have only been grooming 5-6 years, and I learned how to do the heads from Jodi's DVD's. You can buy the whole set for about the price you might pay for a school. This way, you wouldn't have to take any time off.

      Of course, like Particentral said, you can also fly people out to see you! There are so many ways to learn to improve your skills. Good luck to you! It's nice to see someone wanting to kick it up a knotch!

      Tammy in Utah
      PS: PM me if you have any questions, I'm always on a quest to learn more.
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        I have Jodi Murphy's Bichon Show Trim DVD. I highly recommend it.
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