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Narrowing Schools Down

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  • Narrowing Schools Down

    I've been researching grooming schools for quite a while, now, and have narrowed it down to a few. Nanhall (North Carolina), Paragon (Michigan), Groom A Dog (Kathy Sanders, South Carolina). If anyone has anything to offer on any of these schools, I would really appreciate it. I had been considering Graywood in GA, until some new info came to my attention. You just don't know what a school really has to offer until you get input from previous students. A great website is not an indication of a good school, obviously!!

    Thanks in advance,

    Stephen: Some members may not know that Groomadog is not only online but also onsite.

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    I dont know about the other 2 but I have seen some excellent groomers come out of Paragon. Nash and LaBest are 2 others that get great reviews.


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      Paragon Or Bust!!

      Thanks for the suggestions. I've decided on Paragon and have sent in my application. Wish me luck.


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        Sounds like an excellent choice. Good luck!! Also, you can further your education vastly by continuing to read all the great advice given on this Board.