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  • grooming schools in Mass.

    Good morning all-
    I'm a rookie and just joined yesterday. I'm looking to get into pet grooming but have no experience. I have looked into going to two schools in Massachusetts. They are:
    1.Mass School of Pet Grooming in West Medford Ma.
    2.Dapper Dawy in Stoneham Ma.
    Does anyone know if they are reputable and would teach me what I need to know to get started?
    Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.

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    have not heard of them but what is their curriculum and how many hours of training do they promise? If you don't feel ready to groom when you finish, are you allowed to stay for more training? Do they teach things other then just the technical grooming such as, skin issues, breed information, safety, first aid, business information.. ect.

    There are a lot of groomers out there taking money and just using students as bathers so be careful. I am not saying either of these places are. Ive no info about them. Just giving you a heads up.


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      Ok just looked them up. IMO you dont get enough hours at either place to graduate and go out into the world and do quality grooms. JUST MY OPINION.

      When I went to school, I did 4 months, 8 hrs a day 5 days a week. Every friday was 7 hour class room day. One day theyd tackle health, skin, illness, a couple weeks they did breeds , one week they did safety and first aid....ect.

      There were still people graduating who didn't feel comfortable on their own after all that, and anyone who finished and felt unready was welcome to continue with the school for as long as they needed (Pedigree Grooming Academy) I felt ready because I worked as a bather before going to school and on weekends while I was in school and as I went through the course, the groomer I worked for allowed me to do more then bath.

      I believe the common agreement around here is that the minimum hours should be around 600.. correct me if I am wrong Stephen and all.


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        The Dapper Dawg offers the Golden Paws technique. Is anyone here familiar with that? Has anyone does this sort of program?

        Jadenlea, what did you think of the tool kit for the Mass School of Dog Grooming?


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          I went to Pedigree also. I feel you need a 4-5 month program. I have seen some people come out of Massachusetts School of Canine Cosmotology in Newburyport, MA. Its as close to Pedigree as I have seen.


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            Originally posted by TawnyKitty View Post
            I went to Pedigree also. I feel you need a 4-5 month program. I have seen some people come out of Massachusetts School of Canine Cosmotology in Newburyport, MA. Its as close to Pedigree as I have seen.
            Thank you for your input. It is really helpful


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              I looked into opening a Golden Paws school, but when I saw it offered a 6 week course I decided against it. Though they also offer continuing education but make it seem in their advertisement (at least my take on it) that you can go out and groom after the abisc course. Not something I agree with and do not feel a 6 week course is long enough to get more than the bare basics down.
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                I apprenticed under some one who graduated from pedigree. I groomed for 10 years before I decided I wanted the certificate from a school. I chose to go to go to Massachusetts Academy of Canine Cosmetology (MACC). I loved it there. They are a holistic school. No chemicals, every thing is all natural. It may seem odd to people who don't lean in that direction. I do and the school helped me personally as we'll as professionally.

                I do feel that I learned more from my old boss who I apprenticed under. Her schooling was a lot more fleshed out, and I do feel that there should be more attention paid to handling tough dogs, de matting and the tougher everyday situations. That goodness I was taught this in the past because if I had graduated and gone to work right after I would feel so unprepared.

                I hope this is at all helpful.
                I live 2 hours away and I feel like I made the right choice going there. I still go up there often to visit.


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                  Hello, did u ever find a grooming school? I am interested in finding one as well here in MA