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Almost finished with course, and starting another..

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  • Almost finished with course, and starting another..

    I am nearly finished with my first online grooming course. I have two lessons left to complete. ^^ Even though the school has had some bad comments, I have learned A LOT from it (Pennfoster). My certificate wont be coming for a while though.

    Today I signed up for the All About Dog Grooming course. I am very excited! Unlike the Pennfoster course, you actually get graded on your work. Can't wait to get started. =)

    I absolutely love grooming. I volunteer @ my local shelter and groom dogs there. I can tell I am getting better at grooming. When I first started, it took me practically all day (lol) to bathe a medium sized dog like Border Collies or Aussies. Now.. It takes me around 15-20 minutes! I have even gotten faster at grooming my show Papillon at home.

    I am so glad that I have found a career that I enjoy.

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    Congrats!! Sounds like you are doing great I am just learning too, I am working part time under a friend who is a groomer and she's helping me out and I want to take and online course too. I was looking at the All About Dog Grooming course and think that might be the one I take! I am going to talk to our local shelter and see if they want some free grooming to use for the course. Plus friends and family's dogs!


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      thats great!!!!
      i enrolled in penn foster today.
      just curious, what all did you have to buy outside of what they sent you as far as shears clippers blades and stuff? Also is it just all paper book or were there any dvd visuals?


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        Unfortunately there are no visuals, just book work. (Or more like booklet work. lol) It is mostly just reading and learning about different clips, breeds, temperments etc.. You can take little quizes after reading a section. Then at the end of the lesson there is a multiple choice test. I then go online and login and enter my test answers, and get the results instantly. How often you get shipments depends on how fast you complete a lesson.

        The Pennfoster may not work well for someone that isn't getting hands on practice. It is a great starting point though. I am glad I took the course. Volunteering at my local shelter and grooming my own pets has given me some experience. Even if you can just clip nails or bathe dogs, it all helps.

        If you would like some DVD's, I know that Jodi Murphy has some great ones. Including two free promotional DVD's. Each of her others cost about $35. I will be ordering the Snap-On Combs DVD. I also highly recomend Notes From The Grooming Table. There is Pocket version now too.

        Pennfoster sent me a slicker brush, nail clippers, and a comb near the begining. On my 19th or so lesson my clippers were finally sent to me. I think it's an Andis. It has some snap-ons, but only a ten blade. My shears arrived a few days ago. I had to mail in a sheet to Pennfoster saying that I was right handed. I also have big breed poster. It doesn't have all breeds, maybe 20.

        Overall I am glad I took the course. I have learned so much from it along with volunteering at the shelter. Some of the other volunteers and our Vet Tech are very impressed at my grooming. I am very proud of myself for improving so much in a short time.

        Good luck to both of you!


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          wow it sounds like it was a good course for you then thats great!
          I think it would be good for me to then ,because I work in a facility alreaady and have some experiance,Im glad you posted it really helps to hear good things about something.I know you can also buy the dvds from either groomadog or wagmytails or somethig like that .the set of jody murphys dvds is around 899 or 799 I think I saw. I just dont have that chunk of change lying around just now so Ill have to wait on those