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Question on business Licensing?

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  • Question on business Licensing?

    Hello all, New here. I normally lurk but I have a question before I can keep moving forward. I am not sure where or who else to ask. You all have great knowledge and I hope can answer this for me.

    I want to start out going to people's homes and grooming their dogs. Mostly this will be for the elderly and disabled for very low cost to them, almost free in fact.

    I am wondering do I need a business license or any other type for this? Thanks!

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    Most places will require a business licence or a business tax receipt.

    If you go to retirement homes or other multiple dwelling communities, you will be wise to carry liability insurance.
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      You'll have to call your

      local government. Most Cities require a business license. But sometimes an permit from Animal Control. Also if you live in a multi-citied area you might need a license for each city.
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