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Petsmart Grooming School, help me decide

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  • Petsmart Grooming School, help me decide

    Hi everyone, my name is Kristin, I currently live in Northern California. I am working as a bather at Petsmart and there has been talk of me going to grooming school in the following months, probably around June or so. I was just wondering what everyone thinks about it all. I keep going back and forth about it, there are pros and cons to it all.

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    What is your passion?

    I have always gone with what I love to do best.

    I don't like being commited legally but that is just me.

    Yes you could do dogs at home, but if your passion is scrapbooking,
    and some are very talented at it, you sure could do that at home as well.
    My sister and close friend do it, and they make awsome stuff.
    You could do both I suppose, but the scrapbooking would not take the zoneing permission that grooming would, or the money to fix up a shop.
    Once the kids are walking and not happy with a playpen, the grooming can get kind of hard with the kids toddling around while you are trying to
    do a big hairy.
    If not the corporate schooling, would you want to do this bad enough to
    pay for a longer stay at a top grooming school?
    Only you can say, but I wish you luck on your decision.