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'bathing' course???

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  • 'bathing' course???

    i have a bather that wants to go to 'bathing' school...anyone know of a good place in CA???

    (Edited: removed school name) Ii thought ________ but the web site in under construction or something?

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    Trade Shows/Seminars

    I know alot of the trade shows offer brusher/bather classes. I took one awhile back - got a certificate from it too. I got a ton of info from it and I was already a groomer.


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      Why was the school's name edited - I see other school's names mentioned: Nash, New York, Paragon . . . . ? Aren't many schools in N Calif that I know of . . . except the one in Santa Clara that is having a problem with it's web site. I believe that was a 3 week course for around $1200. The Adult Education Dept in La Puenta has a 350 HR Brusher/Bather course that is supposed to be run by a Master Groomer. I think it's about $95 a semester.


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        Bathing Course in California

        Hi there my name is Dayna and I am just finishing up grooming school in California, there are not that many choices!

        (EDITED: Nothing personal with you doggone_dirty, but we do not allow recommendations for that school on this board. You can do that by PM or email if you like to anyone.)


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          so what's the problem with "that school" . . . ?