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I decided on Nash

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  • I decided on Nash

    I hate starting new threads but I was so excited!

    I had all plans on going to The North Jersey School, because I could afford it. That was the only reason. So now as I'm about to get all my paperwork situated, they raised there price (with in the 3 months I was getting things ready). I was really mad about that fact and now their price is about a thousand bones less then Nash.

    So as a last ditch effort I called Nash, the actual number in NJ. I asked him if I could do the practical and not the online course. That I would do them later. He said there are only 3 mandatory online courses. Instead of the usual 8. I was so excited. That would save me a lot of bones. He said to call the 800 number and talk to them. So I did and the women I talked to said no, you have to take all 8.
    Sad again!

    I call back and ask to speak to the woman I was originally dealing with from the beginning. Asked her the same questions, she said she knew of the situation and asked the director and he said it's fine I can do it.
    So excited again.

    So now I will be doing the online courses and attending Nash at the same time. To top it off, it's going to cost a lot less then the first place. Plus I'll have the name Nash on my resume. I'm so happy, I was really upset that they raised there prices so quickly.

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    You'll like Nash - Joey is the best. I'm not sure who's instructing there these days - but, their always good and patient. I had a wonderful experience there. Keep us informed of your progress. Good luck!